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2019 Free Buzzard in Mt. Bagua

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  • Gray-faced Buzzard Eagle in Mt. Bagua
  • National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra
  • A wonderful Indian music show
  • The singing Oh! Bear
  • Umbrella Art Installation
  • Formosa 3D Movie
  • An opening ceremony
  • Free Buzzard in Mt. Bagua - Visiting Spring on Bike
  • An eagle-watching platform
  • Free Buzzard in Mt. Bagua – Happy Forest National Conservation Event
  • Ecological Theatre
  • Ecological tour guide
  • The Double Eagle Xiangqi installation art (inscription)
  • buzzard in Great Buddha Scenic Area
  • Cycling in Bagua Mountain
  • 139 Scenic Route
Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area、Nantou Forest District Office、Changhua County Government、National Changhua Living Art Center
2019 Free Buzzard in Mt. Bagua_Links
No.13-7, Guashan Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County

Grey-faced buzzards, also called “nanlu ying” or “qingming niao” by locals in centralTaiwan, fly northward every March and April, passing over Mt. Bagua. To protect these birds for the long term, the Wild Bird Society Of Changhua County hosts a special event called “Free Buzzard in Mt. Bagua.” For a long time, GDP has been widely used as a measurement of economic and social progress. However, problems such as the widening gap between rich and poor and the destruction of natural habitats have revealed the limitations of GDP in determining a country’s well-being. Gross national happiness has become the new trend instead. The United Nations appointed May 22 as the International Day for Biological Diversity, emphasizing the importance of understanding and valuing the living organisms around us. Similarly, Free Buzzard in Mt. Bagua promotes a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature. We can work towards achieving happiness together by protecting forests to ensure better living environments and responsible farming so that people stay healthy, as we build a green economy that protects biological diversity. 

Last update time: 2019-11-26


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