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2019 Taichung City Mazu International Festival

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  • Inquiring the date of effigy of Goddess Mazu
  • The festival’s evening show draws tens of thousands of people
  • Dance performance
  • Lead Generals
  • New Chio-Tian Troupe performance
  • A gong ceremony at Zhenlan Temple
  • International students are encouraged to worship Mazu and learn Mandarin
  • A street parade
  • Believers go under a table in a religious fair
Dajia Jenn Lann Temple
2019 Taichung City Mazu International Festival_Links
No.158, Shuntian Rd., Dajia Dist., Taichung City
The Mazu Pilgrimage can be counted as one of the most important and largest folk culture events in Taiwan. The “Taichung City Mazu International Festival.” By interweaving religion, opera, martial arts, industrial culture, the arts, tourism, and academic culture, the intent on launching the event in 2004 was to promote the local area with events related to tourism, religious worship, performing arts, academic study, and the upgrading of local industry. Furthermore, using international culture as an appeal, the Festival put on every type and variety of exhibition and engaged in cultural and artistic exchanges. The actual date and time for offering incense to Buddha during the Taichung Dajia District Pilgrimage is not fixed but is determined by casting moon-shaped divination blocks during the Lantern Festival. In accordance with tradition, during the 8-day, 7-night pilgrimage there are eight primary ceremonies: prayers for peace, mounting the palanquins, the departure of the procession, the arrival of the procession, prayers for prosperity, wishes for longevity, the return of the procession, and the safe reinstallation of the statues.
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