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Puli Brewery Factory
[Suggested Itinerary]
Day1 Puli Brewery Factory -> Center of Taiwan Monument (The Stele of Taiwan's Geographical Center) -> Wushe -> Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area 
Day2 Qingjing Farm -> Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area 

Due to the warm weather and sweet, clear water that the Puli area of central Taiwan enjoys, the Puli Brewery Factory has come to be known for producing excellent quality Shaoxing (Shaohsing) Wine featuring a bright yellow appearance and a vigorous fragrance.

Puli Brewery Factory is devoted to establishing the landmark feature of Puli as the Hometown of Shaoxing (Shaohsing) Wine. Aside from actively promoting the culture of Shaoxing (Shaohsing) Wine, there are also putting more efforts in preserving the history of the winery, it is the first Wine Culture Museum in Taiwan.

Neighborhood Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.) 

AddressNo.219, Sec. 3, Zhongshan Rd., Puli Township, Nantou Countygoogle map click open new windows
Longitude/Latitude  (120.960459,23.968112)

By Car:

  1. (From North) Nat'l Hwy 1→ Exit at the Taichung Port (Zhonggang) Interchange → Prov. Hwy 74 (Taichung- Changhua Expressway) → Prov. Hwy 14 → Caotun → Puli.
  2. (From North) Nat'l Hwy 1→ Exit at the Daya Interchange → Prov. Hwy 74 (Taichung- Changhua Expressway) → Prov. Hwy 14 → Caotun → Puli.
  3. (From South) Nat'l Hwy 1→ Exit at the Yunlin System Interchange → Prov. Hwy 78 → turn left to Prov. Hwy 3 → turn right to Prov. Hwy 16 → Shuili → turn left to County Road 131 → Yuchih → Prov. Hwy 21 → Puli.
  4. (From South) Nat'l Hwy 3→ Exit at the Caotun Interchange → Prov. Hwy 14 → Caotun → Puli.

By Bus:

  1. Take Guoguang (Kuokuang) Bus from Taipei West Station to Puli.
  2. Take Nantou Bus from Taichung Station to Puli.
  3. Take Fenglong Bus from Shueili to Puli.
  4. Guoguang (Kuokuang) Bus: +886-2-2381-0731 ; Nantou Bus: +886-49-298-4031 ; Fenglong Bus: +886-49-277-4609

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