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Yilan County

Dongshan River Water ParkThe city of Yilan is located in the central and most favored part of the Lanyang Plain. Streams and rivers provide a constant source of replenishment for the nutrients in the soil here, making Yilan a breadbasket county.

Yilan looks out to the sea on Taiwan's Northeast Coast, with mountains on the three other sides forming a unique geography that has nurtured an equally distinctive cultural landscape and human warmth. The county is home to Asia's second longest highway tunnel, the Hsuehshan Tunnel, which has reduced the driving time between Yilan and Taipei to less than 50 minutes. From natural environments and cold and hot springs to a wealth of ocean recreation resources and verdant country scenes, Yilan offers the perfect setting to slow down and enjoy nature at its best.

The Land of Sacred Trees
Among Yilan's diverse arboreal attractions, the Qilan Sacred Trees Garden is one of the most unique. The garden is home to a hundred indigenous trees over a millennium old, including Formosan red false cypresses and Taiwan hinoki false cypresses. Each tree is named after a famous person contemporary with the birth year of the tree, adding a note of historic interest for visitors.

Whale and Dolphin Watching
Surrounded by submarine hot springs that emit steam all year round, Guishan Island is a rare sight in the Pacific. The sea area here is a favorite haunt for whales and dolphins. The dolphins can often be seen jumping and spinning above the water in groups like ballet dancers, presenting a spectacle far different from what one sees at marine parks.

Night Market Snacking
Taiwan has a plethora of popular snacks, from soy-marinated foods and stuffed starch ball desserts to oyster omelets and Chinese angelica mutton soup. All of these tasty dishes and more can be enjoyed at the Luodong Night Market and Yilan Night Market. There are also plenty of shops here selling inexpensive clothes and shoes.

Cold and Hot Springs
For a relaxing hot spring soak, visitors to Yilan County can choose between the lowland hot springs of Jiaoxi Township and the carbonic acid cold springs in Su'ao Township, one of only two cold springs in Southeast Asia. The clear and tasteless spring water pampers your skin and embraces you, body and mind, in a world of relaxation

Yilan: A Natural Paradise with a Human Touch
Yilan offers a welcome escape from the urban bustle with the tranquility of rustic B&Bs and the down-to-earth hospitality of farmer hosts.

National Scenic Area
Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area
National Forest Recreation Area
Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area
Erlong River Dragon Boat Race Mingchi Forest Recreation Area Ren Mountain (Renshan) Botanical Garden
Luodong Sports Park Wulaokeng Scenic Area Qilan Forest Recreation Area
Fushan Botanical Garden Dali Caoling Historic Trail
Dong Mountain (Dongshan) River Water Park Wufengqi Scenic Area Beiguan Tidal Park
Hot Spring
Su'ao Cold Springs Jiaoxi Hot Springs Jiuzhize (Renze) Hot Springs
Lanyang Museum National Center for Traditional Arts Taiwan Theater Museum
Wu Sha Residence Tiangong Temple, Dali Yilan Zhaoying Temple
Jiaoxi Xietian Temple
Guishan Island(Turtle Island) Daxi Honeymoon Bay Nanfang'ao
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Yilan County: LOHAS Life at the Jiaoxi Hot Springs
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