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Taitung County

Green Island- Zhaori Saltwater Hot SpringsTaitung County is located on the delta of the Beinan River, at the southern tip of the rift valley.

From coastal areas to mountain highs, Taitung greets visitors to a land of ecological richness and scenic beauty. The county is also known for its distinctive local products, from premium rice, day lilies, hibiscus, and sugar apples to sailfish, bonito(skipjack tuna), and other specialty seafood items.

Ethnic diversity has endowed Taitung with a unique culture, diverse festival occasions, and a vibrant tradition of oral history and myth to provide plenty of food for the mind.

Cyclists are also well served in Taitung. Taiwan's oldest bikeway—the Guanshan Bicycle Trail—is located here, and other cycling routes can be enjoyed in Longtian Village(Luye Township), Chishang, Taitung City, and coastal areas, all while cyclists are surrounded by fairytale-like scenic beauty.

These natural charms have earned Taitung the nickname as the "garden of Taiwan." True to this reputation, Taitung is a bona fide paradise for a healthy and relaxing holiday escape in nature's embrace.

National Scenic Area
Wulu Gorge and Wulu Hot Springs East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Water Running Upward
Lidao Amis Folk Center Dapo Pond
Liji Badlands and Little Huang Mountain (Huangshan) East Coast National Scenic Area Guan Mountain (Guanshan) Water Park
National Forest Recreation Area
Zhiben National Forest Recreation Area Xiangyang National Forest Recreation Area(temporarily closed by typhoon effects)
Liyu (Carp) Mountain Park Beinan Cultural Park
Hot Spring
Zhaori Saltwater Hot Springs Zhiben Hot Springs
National Museum of Prehistory
Chishang Pastoral Farm Resort Luye Recreational Tea Farm Donghe Farm
Chulu Ranch
Xiaoyeliu Baxian Cave (Baxiandong) Chenggong Fishing Harbor
Sanxiantai (Terrace of the Three Immortals) Orchid Island (Lanyu) Stone Umbrella (Shiyusan)
Jinzun Shanyuan Green Island
Fugang Fishing Harbor
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