Three-day Tour of Hualien and Taitung
[Suggested Itinerary]
Day1 Taroko National Park 
Day2 East Coast National Scenic Area 
Day3 Beinan Cultural Park -> National Museum of Prehistory 
Three-day Tour of Hualien and Taitung

The Hualien-Taitung area can be termed the back yard of Taiwan, with the Taroko and Yushan national parks, the East Coast and East Rift Valley national scenic areas, and three forest recreation areas (Chinan, Fuyuan, and Zhiben). With such an abundance of tourist resources, this is an ideal choice for your vacation. Whether you like the excitement of white-water rafting, the fascination of whale- and dolphin-watching, the healthful exercise of walking forest trails, the relaxation of bathing in soothing hot mineral baths, or the intellectual stimulation of culture tours, this is the place for you. If you want to savor thoroughly the green mountains, azure seas, blue skies, and other natural wonders of the Hualien-Taitung area, then you could do far worse than to take a carefree trip on the eastern Taiwan trunk railway line and savor the scenery that stretches to infinity on both sides of the tracks, and at your will choose the places where you want to stop for a closer look.

Taroko National Park: This Park is best known for its awesome marble-walled gorge as well as its majestic mountain scenery, Eternal Spring Shrine, Swallows' Grottos, Tunnel of Nine Turns, and other incomparable sights. The park's spectacular geologic features also encompass such spectacles as the Baiyang Waterfall just above the gorge and the precipitous Qingshui Cliffs just below it.

East Coast National Scenic Area: Richly varied topography, with stepped seaside platforms, sand and pebble beaches, coral shores, offshore islands, capes, sea-eroded platforms, channels, and caves. The coast is also the main home of the Amis tribal people, and the harvest festivals that their villages hold one after another in July and August provide visitors with an outstanding opportunity to enjoy a personal experience of indigenous culture.

Beinan Culture Park: These ruins from the Beinan Culture cover an area of more than 300,000 square yards and were once the home of a large settlement of people who lived 2,000 to 3,000 years ago. This is the largest prehistoric settlement yet discovered in Taiwan. In the park you can observe the complete site of the ruins and personally experience the process of archaeological work.

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