Penghu Great Bridge(Trans-Ocean Bridge)
Penghu Great Bridge(Trans-Ocean Bridge)

The Trans-Ocean Bridge spans Houmen (Roaring Gate) Channel, linking the islands of Baisha and Xiyu. At 2,494 meters, it is the first sea-crossing bridge in the far eastern. Walking the length of the bridge, viewing the awesome oceanic vistas, listening to the roaring tides, and feeling the bracing sea breezes, is a uniquely refreshing experience.

Neighborhood Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.) 

AddressCounty Hwy 203, Baisha Township, Penghu Countygoogle map click open new windows
Longitude/Latitude  (119.554853,23.658116)
  1.  Take plane to Magong Airport
  2. Take ferry to Magong Harbor
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    Public Transportation Office, Penghu County

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