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  • Episode on Tour Highlights
    Episode on Tour Highlights
    The tour highlight video of 8 teams from 7 countries showed Taiwan’s different scenic attractions and the teams’ discoveries in Taiwan.
  • Episode on Celebrity Tour
    Episode on Celebrity Tour
    The Korean team “Black & White in Wayward Kenting” visited the popular celebrity attractions in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan. Their video included scenes from the Formosa Boulevard Station, the Dream Mall, the Holy Rosary Cathedral Minor Basilica, Lotus Pond, Love River, True Love Harbor, Taiwan High Speed Rail, and the Museum Café of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, etc.
  • Episode on Aboriginal Activities
    Episode on Aboriginal Activities
    The team “Reversal of Taiwan,” composed of Hong Kong travelers, experienced the aboriginal villages in Eastern Taiwan in 2009. Their trip included: Jichi Beach, Bachi Observation Tower, Tafalong, Ma Tai An Wetland Ecological Park, Fuxing Dagu Tribe Harvest Festival, Pakriran Art Village, Atomo Arifowang Canglah, and Jian Chinghsiu Temple, etc
  • Episode on the Villages in Eastern Taiwan
    Episode on the Villages in Eastern Taiwan
    Japanese travelers, “Team Taiwan Naruwan”, visited the beautiful countryside of Eastern Taiwan by motorcycle. Their itineraries took them to Tafalong, Guangfu Sugar Factory, Liushidan Mountain, Bachi Observation Tower, the Tropic of Cancer landmark, and Sanxiantai, etc.
  • Episode on Ecological Tours
    Episode on Ecological Tours
    Australia’s “The Senior Australians” team travelled Taiwan with their 2 sons, 2 daughters-in-law and a granddaughter in the summer of 2009. Focusing on hiking in Taiwan’s mountains, they showed that Taiwan is an ideal destination for family travel and a friendly place for seniors to go mountain trekking. The places they visited include Fuba hiking trail, Jiufen Old Street, and Keelung Mountain, etc.
  • Episode on Small Town Attractions
    Episode on Small Town Attractions
    Malaysia’s “kampungboycitygal” team travelled Taiwan’s small towns, including Jingtong, Pingsi, Shifen, Jioufen Old Street, Hippo Rock, the top of the Jingua Mountain, Gold Ecological Park, and Nanya Peculiar Rocks, etc. Video length: 8’53”
  • Episode on Metropolitan Attractions
    Episode on Metropolitan Attractions
    Singapore’s team, the “Bargain Queens” happily delved into the theme of shopping and local delicacies. The video included their visits to shopping areas such as Huayin Street, Jinhsian Lunchbox Restaurant, Shilin Night Market, Liouhe Tourist Night Market, Working House, Hello Kitty Sweets Restaurant, and Wu Fen Pu, etc.
  • Episode on Seaside Attraction
    Episode on Seaside Attraction
    Canada’s “Above & Below” team travelled around Taiwan focusing on visiting seaside sceneries, such as Jialeshuei, Nanwan Beach, Xiaowan Beach, Beauty Cave, Clam Board Bay, National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium, the Kending Night Market in the seaside town of Kending, and Black Ghost Cave, etc.
  • Episode on Historical Attractions
    Episode on Historical Attractions
    Japan’s “8+1” team visited historical sites and learned about Taiwan’s history through the theme of local delicacies. The places and attractions featured in the video include: the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Sun Moon Lake, bamboo tube rice, Fort Provintia, Anping Fort, local delicacies, the Confucian Temple, the Eternal Fortress, etc.

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