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Golfing in Taiwan

With Exciting Courses, Rich Food, Unique Hot Springs and Hospitable People, Start Your Golf Journey in Taiwan!

Tea & Gourmet Golf

Taiwan is rich in agricultural products, which include a wide variety of teas and fruits. Taiwan's teas and fruits are world famous, and some of the world's best teas come from Taiwan. Additionally, Taiwan boasts a diverse food culture in which a variety of Chinese delicacies are combined with local snacks. Experience tea, fruit and a variety of cuisine whilst on your golfing break.

Challenging Golf

Taiwan is a mountainous island, and most of its golf courses are built on mountain slopes or hills. Mountains are a common feature of Taiwan's golf courses. Diverse landforms enhance the pleasure of golfing. In addition, the spectacular terrain has inspired world-famous designers to create unique fairways that provide golfers with fun and excitement. Moreover, by looking down on these fairways from above, golfers can fully appreciate their beauty.

  • 臺中國際球場

    Taichung Golf & Country Club

  • 棕梠湖球場

    Palm Lakes Resort

Year-round Golf

Taiwan is divided into two climatic zones by the Tropic of Cancer, which runs through Chiayi and Hualien. The north experiences a subtropical monsoon climate, and the south a tropical monsoon climate. Even in winter, the average temperature of the coldest month in northern Taiwan is above 15 degrees Celsius. Thus, the island is suitable for golfing all year round. No matter what season it is, in Taiwan, golfers can enjoy not only golfing but also numerous hot springs, the local cuisine and a variety of other tourist attractions.

Hot Spring Golf

Hot spring tourism began in Taiwan during the early part of the 20th century. Many areas boast diverse and unique hot springs. The hot spring tour routes can be combined with the golf tours. What could be better than relaxing in a hot spring after completing 18 holes of golf? Taiwan’s hot springs are something that touring golfers should not miss.

Golf in a friendly environment

The Taiwanese people have a reputation for hospitality. Most caddies in Taiwan are female. They are well-trained, experienced and patient, and provide professional services while you are golfing. Most caddies are familiar with the fairways, wind directions and terrain of the golf courses. They will be your best assistants and help you perform to your best.

Introductions of Golf Courses in Taiwan:

  • Northern TaiwanNorthern Taiwan
  • Central TaiwanCentral Taiwan
  • Southern TaiwanSouthern Taiwan
  • Eastern TaiwanEastern Taiwan


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