Dajia District, Taichung City: Matsu Culture
Dajia District, Taichung City: Matsu Culture

Dajia brings together a unique mix of natural assets—the Dajia River, Da'an River, and Tiezhen Mountain among them, with other attractions, such as the Craftsman's Hometown recreational farm area, Songbo Harbor, distinctive folk ceremonies, and a rich local history and culture. Zhenlan Temple, built on present-day Dajia Street by early Han Chinese settlers, hosts the Dajia Matsu pilgrimage activity each March. More than one million people join this annual event, ranking the festival among the top-three religious celebrations in the world. Living history can be experienced at the Chastity Arch, which recounts the story of the frail sister who saved the townspeople, and Wenchang Temple, built with funding by the local gentry to support education. Dajia is also famous for its specialty farm products, including award-winning premium rice, certified high-quality bitter gourd, Welsh onions, and square watermelon. Jian Well (Sword Well), built on Tiezhen Mountain during Koxinga's administration of Taiwan, the historic Rinan Railway Station and Da'an River Bridge, and locally-produced hats, mats, and pastries are other worthwhile attractions for local and foreign visitors alike, inviting you to discover the deep history and warm hospitality of Dajia.

Part 1 Photos 【Dajia Taro】
Dajia has long been a major center of taro farming in Taiwan. The local taros are famously delicious thanks to ideal growing conditions. Taro ice-pops (ice cream) and taro cookies are also local specialties.Part 2 Photos 【Rush Hats and Mats】
During the early Qing period, Dajia was a major producer of rush mats. Popular as gifts in officialdom, the mats were woven by local women from triangle rush. In the early Japanese occupation period, Dajia native Hung Yang began weavPart 3 Photos 【Matsu Pilgrimage】The southward pilgrimage of Part 4 Photos 【Dajia Baked Goods】
In earlier times, it was customary in Dajia for a groom to give pastries and meat pies to his bride-to-be. The women would offer these gifts to her ancestors and then give them to friends and relatives. This tradition has made Dajia fPart 5 Photos 【Wenchang Temple】Wenchang Temple has played a civilizing role in Dajia by lifting the level of culture and education in the area. The temple is today protected as a city-level historic site.Part 6 Photos 【Rinan Railway Station】The Rinan Railway Station is housed in a wooden structure with a distinctive asymmetrical roof that gives it the appearance of being cut in half. The station house is a city-level historic site.Part 7 Photos 【Craftsman's Hometown: Sunflowers】Craftsman's Hometown is a recreational farm area linked by bikeway to a seawall, wind farm, Songbo Fishing Harbor, plant nurseries, farms, and a wealth of coastal flora and fauna.Part 8 Photos 【Lin Chastity Memorial Archway】
This archway memorializes the virtue of an Part 9 Photos 【Zhenlan Temple】Matsu is the principle deity at Zhenlan Temple. The temple is architecturally steeped in folk art tradition and attracts throngs of visitors from throughout Taiwan and the world.Part 10 Photos 【Jian Well (Sword Well) on Tiezhen Mountain 】
According to legend, Cheng Cheng-kung (Koxinga) and his troops were surrounded by Pingpu aboriginals on Tiezhen Mountain during their northward march army north in 1662. In order to find drinking water, he pl
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Longitude/Latitude  (120.622468,24.349083)

Nat'l Hwy 33 → Exit at the Dajia Interchange → County Road 132 → Shuntian Rd.

  1. THSR: Take the train to Wuri Station in Taichung and then take the 93 Sea Loop route bus to Dajia Railway Station.
  2. Taiwan Railway: Take the Coastal Line to Dajia Railway Station; or take the train to Taichung Railway Station and then take the Dajia-bound G-Bus to Dajia Station.
  3. Bus: From Taichung Railway Station take the Dajia-bound G-Bus to Dajia Station; or from Fengyuan Railway Station take the Fengyuan Bus Dajia-bound shuttle to Dajia; or from Miaoli Railway Station take the Miaoli Bus Dajia-bound shuttle to Dajia.

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