Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival

Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival

The present event began in May 2002, following the crash of China Airlines Flight 611 off the coast of Penghu. This disaster caused the number of tourists to plummet that year, severely affecting the Penghu tourism industry. To improve tourism in Penghu, the Penghu County Government collaborated with China Airlines in hosting the “Amorous Penghu” event at the Penghu Fisherman‘s Wharf on Chinese Valentine’s Day. In addition to the performance by costumed flight attendants of China Airlines, the event also featured spectacular aerial fireworks for the first time in Penghu, highlighting the beauty of the star-embellished night sky as the night slowly unfolded. Penghu successfully gained praise, reminding the world of its courage, vitality, and vibrancy through the enthralling fireworks.

In the following year (2003), the Penghu County Government once again collaborated with numerous airline, shipping, and private companies to host the event. However, the event was relocated to the Guanyin Pavilion. The Penghu County Government officially hosted the 1st Annual Penghu Fireworks Festival, which has become Penghu‘s major tourism event today. The event has gained considerable popularity both domestically and internationally, attracting a significant number of domestic and foreign tourists to Penghu each year. The event is inevitably the most anticipated summer festival under Penghu’s night sky.

The Penghu Fireworks Festival takes place at the Guanyin Pavilion, where the unique ocean bay environment of Penghu and the romantic Siying Rainbow Bridge perfectly complement the stunning fireworks. Because the fireworks igniting area is only approximately 300 meters away from the viewing area, tourists can view the fireworks at close range. Eight- to sixteen-inch aerial shells are launched from the ocean, exploding into a spectacular display in the night sky. The fireworks seem within arm‘s reach, creating a unique sense of immersion. These sensations mold the attraction that is the Penghu Fireworks Festival and create a unique product unlike the tourist fireworks displays of other cities and counties. In addition to the spectacular fireworks, numerous renowned artists and local performance groups take turns performing on stage. The viewing area is also topographically advantageous and free of traffic congestion, allowing tourists to immerse themselves in the leisurely, romantic atmosphere of the event.

Penghu boasts a plethora of tourism resources. In addition to experiencing breathtaking natural scenery and diverse culture, tourists can savor tantalizing seasonal seafood dishes, enjoy the magnificent nighttime fireworks of the Penghu Fireworks Festival, and revel in the passion and romance of a star-embellished night sky. The Penghu County Government cordially welcomes both domestic and foreign travelers to experience the beauty and excitement of Penghu.


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