[News] Old Tainan on Modern Buses

 A recent trend among tourists in the city of Tainan, in southern Taiwan, has been the exploring of old neighborhoods. Many of these have been spruced up, and now feature restored old residences housing new businesses, often run by young and creative entrepreneurs. Among old roads and streets in Tainan that are particularly popular are Hai’an Road, Guohua Street, and Zhengxing Street. For visitors without their own means of transport, city bus route 77 (as well as the 77-1 Anping Holiday bus), served by modern electric buses, is one of the best choices to get around, since it not only passes through old neighborhoods but also by some of the city’s best-known historic sites, including Chikan Tower (Fort Provintia). Another bus route suitable for visitors to Tainan is route 88 (Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus), which connects Tainan Railway Station with the Anping Harbor Area, on the way passing many places of interest.



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