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Gaillardia Island--2017 Penghu Cross-sea Marathon

Welcome race for the 2018 annual meeting of Most Beautiful Bays in the World held in Penghu

--From the grand line, we conquer this beautiful raceway on foot.

Classic 'islandsland sland -hopping' marathon

Head to the 2nd largest island of Penghu: Siyu as the start line location for island hopping, the point-to-point course pass through Penghu Trans-Oceanic Bridge, Baisha (the 3 largest island of Penghu), Jhongtun (the 11th largest island of Penghu) and end up on the main island--Penghu. Penghu National Scenic Area Administration of Taiwan Tourism Bureau, MOTC, grandly invite runners all over the world to experience the island-hopping on their own foot.


Graphic & visual designed by Xiao, Qing-Yang (蕭青陽)

2017 is the first year of Penghu Cross-sea marathon. Design master Xiao, Qing-Yang, a well-known Independent Music Awards winner and Grammy Award nominee designer, will complete the main visual and grahic design. Combining traditional color and culture, marine life and eco-conservation of Penghu (a. k. a. Gaillardia Island,) master Xiao will create the most commemorative T-shirt, medal, trophy and other outfits based on these ideas for runners.


Guarding Penghu bay! Run for "the world's most beautiful bay"

Not noly nominated by Lonely Planet as ten of "the world's best secret islands," Penghu also elected as the member of "the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, MBBW." Furthermore, the 2018 annual MBBW meeting will be held in Penghu for the first time. Let's warm up for this international event on Penghu bay by set foot on this scenic marathon on Gaillardia Island!



  • Date2017-11-19 ~ 2017-11-19


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