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Hakka Romantic Avenue International Innovation Market Will have its Grand Opening at Shiherliao Huguang Village on Dec. 11!

Date:2018-12-05 Number of Visitors:300

Shiherlia Huguang Village, located at Emei Township of Hsinchu County, is known for its tranquil and elegant mountainous village sceneries and religious Hakka culture, creating a land of dreams along the Hakka Romantic Avenue.

Ibaraki Prefecture is located at northern Kanto Region of Japan. Abundant rainfall from the warm currents of the Pacific Ocean filled Ibaraki Prefecture with beautiful lakes, sea banks and gorgeous national natural parks.

What kind of chemistry will these two seemingly different regions and cultures create when they interact with one another?

On Dec. 11, 2018 - Tuesday, 300 teachers and students from Ibaraki Prefecture Shimodate 1st Senior High School will visit Taiwan and participate in an exchange of activities with 6 local Taiwanese schools (Hsinchu County Fu-Sing Elementary School, Hsinchu County Emei Junior High School, Hsinchu City World Senior High School, Miaoli County Private Dacheng Senior High School, China University of Technology and Ta Hwa University of Science and Technology) as well as local small scale farmers. Together, they will hold the “Hakka Romantic Avenue International Innovation Market”. It is hoped that more friends can experience the uniqueness and beauty of international cultures.

On the day of the event, Japanese students will learn from Taiwanese students and run local featuring vendors together. The whole event will also be based on the creativeness of each school and well-known local Hakka products. For example, visitors can visit and enjoy night markets thtough VR experiences, enjoy Dongfang Meiren tea ceremonies, taste Lei Cha, experience Hakka tea leaves dyeing and silk screen painting and experience all sorts of gourmet vendors that feature exotic foods.

Professional and unique aborigine dance and fire dance performances will also be invited. Star Light Movie Theatre is also organized to screen “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above”, a classic movie that introduces the unique cultural and geographical features of Taiwan. These enables visitors to enjoy modern creative performance filled with strength and beauty while being submerged in the nostalgic, cultural and natural environment.

300 Early Bird Entry Gifts (a bundle of useful tissue papers) will also be given out for free, while visitors can also take part in the campaign in which you can get free airplane tickets to Hong Kong for free! Come and visit Hakka Romantic Avenue International Innovation Market! You can visit with joy, have fun, and return home with your bags full. You definitely cannot miss this spectacular event!

Time: Dec. 11, 2018 – Tuesday, 16:30-19:35
Location: Google Map Shiherlia Huguang Village


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