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Discover Taiwan: Leaders from Taiwan and the U.S. gather in DC to Jointly Promote Tourism

Date:2019-06-26 Number of Visitors:1821

To boost the popularity between Taiwan’s and the United States’ tourism market and to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s New York Office held a " Discover Taiwan: U.S-Taiwan Travel Year Luncheon Party " on June 24, 2019, in Washington DC.

Guests from the U.S. government and legislative departments, Taiwan’s Overseas Community Affairs Council, and local travel operators gathered to exchange strategies, experiences, and achievements in developing the tourism industry in both Taiwan and the U.S. The luncheon party was kicked off with an East Taiwan-themed promotional video which has won the WorldFest-Houston award, showcasing Taiwan's rich and varied tourist environment, including its mountains, railways, and bicycle paths.

On behalf of President Tsai Ing-Wen and the Minister of Transportation and Communications Lin Chia-lung, the Ministry’s Political Deputy Minister Mr. Yu-Lin Huang has actively striven for more Americans to support the development of the Taiwan-U.S. tourism industry and to visit Taiwan to enjoy its unique and diverse travel environment. In addition, there were Taiwanese folk songs played by a string quartet and Taiwanese tea served during the party. The tea symbolizes our wish that the relationship between Taiwan and the United States will be as aromatic and long-lasting as tea.

Since 2012, Taiwan has been a U.S. Visa Waiver Program participant. In the past six years up to 2018, the number of Taiwanese visitors to the U.S. grew from 460,000 to 570,000 per year, an increase of 21%. And in 2017, the Taiwan-U.S. Trusted Traveler Program was expanded; it entitles travelers from both sides to the e-Gate automatic inspection and customs clearance system. Also, passengers with Taiwanese passports can now apply to join the U.S. Global Entry Program. This makes customs clearance more convenient for passengers from both sides.
Taiwan is also actively attracting international tourists. Since 2015, the number of international visitors have exceeded 10 million for four consecutive years. To encourage more Americans to visit Taiwan, the Tourism Bureau has used multiple ways to enhance the popularity and visibility of Taiwan’s tourism in the United States, such as by partnering with airlines to increase direct flights, establishing cross-industry alliance cooperation, and increasing the exposure in the media. Since 2018, the number of travelers from the United States has reached 580,000, and it’s now the fifth largest source of tourists in Taiwan.

The Political Deputy Minister of Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications Mr. Yu-Lin Huang said at the event: "Taiwan has three tourism branch offices here in the U.S., more than in any other country. This shows the importance Taiwan places in the U.S. tourist market. Moreover, there are also many airlines operating direct flights between Taiwan and the U.S., closely connecting our transport routes and making it more convenient for Taiwanese and American travelers to travel to each other’s country. The e-gate service was also added with help from everyone. We believe that through the continuous support from both Taiwan and our U.S. friends, the number of visitors between Taiwan and the United States will surely increase in the near future.” In addition, our most important overseas Taiwanese friends are more than welcome to return home to see the changes as well as enjoy the warmth from their hometown. I also wish that Taiwan’s friendliness and hospitality can be shared through the tremendous influence from our dear overseas Taiwanese communities.

Mr. Louis Huang, Deputy Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States, delivered a welcome speech, pointed out that Taiwan and the United States share many common values. Over the years, the two countries' people have had friendly interactions. It also deepens and broadens personnel exchanges and bilateral relations through exchanges in the fields of politics, economy, trade, tourism and business travel.

Our distinguished guests from the U.S. and tour operators both think that Taiwan is indeed like our slogan "Taiwan - The Heart of Asia." Furthermore, Taiwan has a free, democratic, safe and convenient travel environment. Many Americans who have visited Taiwan feel comfortable to travel around our beautiful island and are impressed by Taiwanese people’s friendliness and enthusiasm. It is believed that active policy promotion will surely attract more travelers to visit Taiwan and that two-way travel between Taiwan and the U.S. will continue to increase.

For more information, please visit the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s official website and Tour Taiwan - TTB America.

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