The life of any region arises out of its historical past, its remembrance of culture, and its hold on the future. The New Taipei City government has established museums of tea culture, pottery and ceramics, and other sites to help preserve the memory of the common history and culture.

New Taipei City is rich in cultural resources. It's a major cultural county that hosts a rich variety of cultural activities. Come! Join us as we trace our cultural roots. The confluence of the Tamsui (Danshui), Xindian and Keelung Rivers gave rise to New Taipei City, which expanded gradually inland from the smallish river mouth to achieve its present scope. The meeting ground of the rivers stretches away in a scene of grandeur as the seashore, its terrain carved out by the hand of time, faces off with the low mountains standing peacefully in the distance of New Taipei City.

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National Scenic Area
Yeliu Nanya The Longmen Camping Site
Bitou Cape Park Longdong Bay Yanliao Beach Park
Lailai / Yingge Rock Fugui Cape Shimen Cave
Sandiaojiao (San Diego) Caoling Historic Trail Longdong South Ocean Park & Yacht Harbor
North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area
National Forest Recreation Area
Neidong National Forest Recreation Area Manyueyuan National Forest Recreation Area
Amusement Park
Formosa Fun Coast(temporarily closed) Great Roots Forestry Hot Spring & Spa Resort Yunxian Holiday Resort
Yeliu (Yeliou) Ocean World
Bali Left Bank Pingxi Wulai
Tamsui Bitan Scenic Area Jiufen
Fisherman's Wharf Tamsui River Mangrove Conservation Area Jin Mountain (Jinshan)
Shifen Scenic Area Yingge Sanxia Old Street
Hot Spring
Wulai Hot Springs Jin Mountain (Jinshan) Hot Spring
Museum of World Religions Gold Museum Shisanhang Museum of Archaeology
Wulai Atayal Museum Teresa Teng Memorial Park Yingge Ceramics Museum
Juming Museum Pinglin Tea Museum
Oxford College Qingshui Zushi (Divine Ancestor) Temple in Sanxia Dharma Drum Mountain
Eighteen Wang Gong Temple Yin Mountain (Yinshan) Temple Fort San Domingo
The Lin Family Mansion and Garden
Bali Yacht Wharf New Jin Mountain (Jinshan) Beach Feicui Bay
Baisha Bay Fulong Beach
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Ruifang District, New Taipei City: Gold Mines of Discovery in Shuinandong, Jinguashi, and Jiufen
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