Ruifang District, New Taipei City: Gold Mines of Discovery in Shuinandong, Jinguashi, and Jiufen

Shuinandong, Jinguashi, and Jiufen are former mining towns in Ruifang District, New Taipei City. The three towns present living records of the history and culture of Taiwan's mining industry, each one distinguished by the different mining methods they adopted: the simple charm of Shuinandong; the tranquility of Jinguashi; and the traces of the miners' nightlife in Jiufen. Though the gold mines are now closed, these towns continue to exert an allure that attracts visitors to visit and dream.

In Shuinandong, the abandoned "13-Level Smelter" evokes the image of Pompeii. The Yin Yang Sea, with its yellow and blue waters, and the beautiful Golden Waterfall are other attractions here. Jinguashi is a quiet hillside town. And along the old lanes of bustling Jiufen, one can find gold mines of history and culture. Together, these areas offer welcome comfort to the road-weary traveler and provide plenty of food for thought.

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Part 1 Photos 【Golden Waterfall (Shuinandong)】
Located off the Jinguashi-Shuinandong Highway, Golden Waterfall is fed by rainwater that seeps into the mines and mixes with pyrite and enargite. This mineral-rich acid mine water undergoes a redox and iron bacteria catalPart 2 Photos 【Jinguashi-Shuinandong Highway (Shuinandong)】
 This highway links Shuinandong and Jinguashi and then connects from Shuinandong to the Coastal Highway. The road has been featured in a number of television advertisements. During a strong gale, the wind herPart 3 Photos 【Shuinandong Smelter (Shuinandong)】
 Also known as the Part 4 Photos 【Yin Yang Sea (Shuinandong)】
 The waters just off the coast at Liandong Bay have are a mix of yellow and blue. The colors are demarcated by a C-shaped bend that forms the namesake pattern of the Yin Yang Sea. This is a good place to enjoy the dawn and evPart 5 Photos 【Jiufen Old Streets (Jiufen)】
 Jiufen's four famous historic streets are the main visitor routes in this hillside town. Among them, Jishan Street is also known as Part 6 Photos 【Shengping Theater (Jiufen)】
The name of this theater refers to an idiom describing a scene of liveliness and prosperity. During the gold mining heydays, one could here the clip-clop of wooden shoes as moviegoers made their way up and down the stone stepPart 7 Photos 【Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park (Jinguashi)】
The Gold Ecological Park is the first eco museum park in Taiwan. The park introduces the mining culture of the Jinguashi-Jiufen area, as well as the physical properties of gold. There is also a restored tunnelPart 8 Photos 【Prisoner of War Memorial Park (Jinguashi)】
During World War II, the Japanese built 16 prisoner of war (POW) camps in Taiwan. The camp in Jinguashi was recently turned into the POW War Memorial Park in respect to the more than 4,350 Allied POWs imprisonePart 9 Photos 【Qitang Old Street (Jinguashi)】
In earlier times, the commercial energy of Qitang Street rivaled that of Shuci Road. During the mining days, this stepped street thronged with people. The shops offered every imaginable item, giving this area the nicknamePart 10 Photos 【Quanji Temple (Jinguashi)】
Quanji Temple occupies a central place in the religious life of Jinguashi. The temple has a 25-ton copper statue of Guan Gong that gleams like gold under the sun and takes on a supernatural quality on misty days. When visiting
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Longitude/Latitude  (121.81005,25.1089019)
  1. Take the THSR or TRA to Taipei Main Station, then continue take TRA to Ruifang Station.
  2. Bus: From the Taipei MRT Zhongxiao-Fuxing Station (bus stop in front of No.152, Sec. 1, Fuxing S. Rd.) take the Keelung Bus No. 1062 (Taipei–Jinguashi Line) to Jiufen and Jinguashi; or from Keelung Train Station (in front of the Zen-Shyang Clinic and Family Mart) take the Keelung Bus (Keelung–Jinguashi Line) to Jiufen and Jinguashi.

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