Ruisui Township, Hualien County: Fragrant Tea, Dairy and Hot Springs

Ruisui Township boasts a wide range of specialty products, cultural attractions, and some of eastern Taiwan's best tourism resources, with something sure to satisfy every visitor desire.

Ruisui is also an ideal place to enjoy the leisurely pace of life on Taiwan's East Coast. In an area defined by a mere 135-km circumference, one can enjoy delicious dairy, coffee, tea, and other beverages, take a healthy hot spring excursion, savor a spectrum of specialty cuisine, experience small town life, or go on an exciting whitewater rafting adventure. Local and Hakka ceremonies and stirring percussion performances at the Drum King Competition further add to the township's unique tourism appeal. In addition to its cultural allures, Ruisui presents the beauty of nature in its full charm, setting the perfect stage for a leisurely escape to Taiwan's East Coast.

Part 1 Photos 【Fuyuan National Forest Recreation Area】
With its diverse mountain and river ecology, Fuyuan is a haven for watching insects, butterflies, and fireflies. Longyin Waterfall and Suspension Bridge complement the beauty of the scenic mountains and rivers herPart 2 Photos 【Hegang Pomelo Tourist Orchard】

Hegang pomelo is rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, pectin and cellulose. Make sure to visit during the harvest season to enjoy this delicious and juicy treatPart 3 Photos 【Saoba Stone Pillars】
Located on the north slope of Wuhe Terrace, this stone formation dates back some three thousand years and is the only prehistoric megalith culture site in Taiwan.Part 4 Photos 【Ruisui Pasture】
Located behind the Ruisui Rafting Center, this pasture covers an area of nearly 10 hectares and supports over a hundred Holstein dairy cows. The cows feed mainly on natural pasture grass, earning the dairy businesses here the Part 5 Photos 【Hot Spring Bathing】
The East Rift Valley National Scenic Area offers ample opportunity for a hot spring bath surrounded by nature's beauty: truly one of life's great pleasures.Part 6 Photos 【Whitewater Rafting】
The Xiuguluan River is a popular rafting spot due to its numerous rapids and the beautiful canyon views.Part 7 Photos 【Drum King Competition】
This competition is held annually in Bazi Village. In earlier times, it involved a drumming procession amidst the sounds of firecrackers. Today, the contest serves to promote the best of drumming traditions.Part 8 Photos 【Wuhe Tea Farms】
Wuhe Village in Ruisui Township is the home of Tianhe Tea. This variety brews to a light, translucent hue and has a smooth sweet taste that has earned it renown both in Taiwan and the wider world.Part 9 Photos 【Tropic of Cancer】
The eye-catching Tropic of Cancer Landmark at Wuhe Terrace is one of the must-see sites when visiting Ruisui.Part 10 Photos 【East Rift Valley】
The East Rift Valley occupies a narrow strip between the towering Central Mountains and Coast Mountains. Ruisui Township is located in this scenic area, where natural and rustic charm abound.
Neighborhood Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.) 

AddressRuisui Township, Hualien Countygoogle map click open new windows
Longitude/Latitude  (121.4113308,23.5205619)
  1. THSR(Taiwan High Speed Railway): From Taipei Main Station take the Hualien-bound train to Ruisui.
  2. TRA(Taiwan Railway): Take the Hualien-bound Ziqiang Express or Juguang Express train to Ruisui.
  3. Bus: From the front of Hualien Railway Station take the Hualien Bus South Line, Hongye Line, or Lede Line to Ruisui.

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