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One Day Accessible Tour in Chiayi, the fisher's villages

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The "Dongshi Fisherman's Wharf" is a port for fishing vessels in western Taiwan's Chiayi City. It offers a seafront view on a wooden trail that allows visitors to take in the magnificent view of the Taiwan Strait. Don't miss the fresh seafood and beautiful sunset, harbor landscape, cultural features, leisure and recreation, and natural and ecological resources here. The "Yiwu Detention Pond" and the "Kouhu Visitor Center" is one of the intermediary points in the Kouhu Wetland ecosystem park; they have accessible trails. The fluttering wings at the entrance of the building express its welcoming to all the visitors in open arms for an ecological tour.


Tour route


Dongshi Fisherman's Wharf
A Multi-Planning Fisherman’s Wharf - Enjoy a Wonderful Sight and Have fun in the Wharf! Since the Ming and Qing dynasties, Dongshi Fishing Port ...

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Southwest Coast National Scenic Area - Kouhu Visitor Center
The Kouhu Visitor Center is one of the intermediary points in the Kouhu Wetland ecosystem park area and often seen at these wetlands are: With the de...

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Yiwu Detention Pond
Honored as the Sun Moon Lake in Yunlin County, Yiwu Detention Pond has become the hottest Facebook check-in place around the cape. The beautiful pond ...

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