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One Day Accessible Tour in Chiayi, the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum

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The "Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum (NPMSB)" is a must-visit museum in Taiwan. It has a wonderful collection of Taiwan's and China's historical and cultural artifacts. At the same time, it has a huge barrier-free garden with accessible shuttle buses that allow visitors to experience the various tropical plants and flowers. The "Budai Port" nearby is now a new tourist attraction in Chiayi. Standing beside the Budai port, the Ocean Hotel Visitor Center provides tourists information about travel and local history. The hotel has a beautiful ocean style design. You can also walk/roll to the nearby "High-Heel Wedding Church" which is located in Chiayi Budai Seascape Park. Take a photo and check-in, let all your friends share the beauty of Chiayi with you. And just a short taxi ride away is a 3D art village with lots of life-like images of marine life painted on the walls and the ground.


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Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum
The Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum (NPMSB) is located in Taibao City, Chiayi County near THSR Chiayi Station. Other than the museum bui...

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High-Heel Wedding Church
The Blackfoot-Disease was a widespread epidemic disease and ruthless struck The Southwest Coast region in early times. Many female patients tried to s...

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