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Three-day Tour of Fushan Botanical Garden/Cilan/Mingchi/Divine Trees Garden

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Tour route

Day1: Fushan Botanical Garden, Shuanglian Pond

Yuanshan Park
Fushan Botanical Garden
Fushan Botanical Garden
This 410-hectare branch of the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute is the largest botanical park in Taiwan. It is located on the boundary between Yilan County's Yuanshan Township and New Taipei City's Wulai District. The area includes 20 kilometers of self-guided trails, with interpretive plaques for visitors to use. The park was established to preserve the characteristic forest ecology of northern Taiwan; most of its plant cover consists of natural temperate-zone broadleaf forests, and there is a complex mix of local vegetation as well as numerous species of wildlife in the area. Prior application is required to visit the park, and the number of visitors is currently limited to approximately 300 per day. The purpose of this is to protect the natural ecology and allow the environment to continue relatively undisturbed.
Shuanglian Pond
Shuanglian Pond is located in a mountainous basin within Huxi Village of Yuanshan Township in Yilan, and it is nearby Fushan Botanical Garden. The Pond is a natural landslide dam that is made of one large lake and one smaller lake, and the local people call them the "Upper Pond", and the “Lower Pond” – but the Lower Pond has now become a mud flat, and only the Upper Pond now preserves the water source. The area of Shuanglian Pond encompasses one third of Taiwan’s aquatic plants and is considered an aquatic plants paradise with rich ecology. Among the large lake and the small lake, there is a plant floating island with the approximate size of a soccer field, which is made of multiple species of aquatic plants. Due to the uniqueness of the floating island, various species of fish, shrimp, dragonflies, frogs, and other insects and animals are nurtured here, which in turn have attracted more species of migrant birds and resident birds.
Atayal Life Museum

Day2: Cilan Forest Recreation Area, Mingchi Forest Recreation Area

Cilan Forest Recreation Area
Cilan Forest Recreation Area
The Cilan Forest Recreation Area is located about 38 kilometers up the Northern Cross-Island Highway, at the intersection with the highway's Li Mountain (Lishan) Branch. There is a terraced nursery here for cryptomeria trees, a cottage once used by the late President Chiang Kai-shek, a forest foot-path, and a little Tarzan forest playground. Cilan Villa provides accommodation in hotel rooms as well as wood cottages. In its restaurant, the specialty of the house is the locally grown monkey-head mushroom.
Mini Taishan Trail
Mingchi Forest Recreation Area
Mingchi Forest Recreation Area
Mingchi is located 17 kilometers up the road from the Qilan Nursery, at the highest point of the Northern Cross-Island Highway. The frequently fog-shrouded lake of the name—Mingchi means bright lake—is nestled beautifully amidst the mountains and is surrounded by planted cryptomeria and old-growth cypress. A footpath around the lake, and lookout pavilions, make it easy for visitors to enjoy the scenery. Mingchi Hostel offers meals and accommodation in 32 hotel rooms and 36 cabins.
Mingchi Lake

Day3: Cilan Divine Trees Garden Area

Cilan Divine Trees Garden Area
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