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  • Boutique Street
    • Sanduo Shopping Area
      The Sanduo area has risen as a top shopping destination in Kaohsiung in recent years. Anchor stores here include the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, SOGO, and Mega 21 Far Eastern Shopping Complex. There are also a number of clothing boutiques and smaller shops, including Japanese merchandise retailers Poya and A+1, and other shops selling discount cosmetics, handbags, and daily goods.
    • Shinkuchan Commercial District
      Young people, new fashion, recreation, shopping and dining all collide at Shinkuchan, which is rapidly sucking in new businesses to become Kaohsiung's biggest shopping destination. Cinemas, trendy clothes, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, and beauty salons mingle with cafes, American and Japanese fast food restaurants, and all types of stalls to provide a something for everyone. Shinkuchan is the place to go in southern Taiwan for imported goods and chic attire, much of it arriving in step with debuts in the fashion capitals of the world.
    • Ximending Shopping Area
      The main business activity in Ximending was going to cinema theater. At that time, most cinema theaters are on Emei Street, Chengdu Road and Xining Road. Other than cinema theaters, there were department stores and other entertainment attractions. After the completion of Zhonghua Business Buildings, Ximending became the largest business and entertainment center in the country.