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  • Local Products
    • National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute
    • Ten Ren
      Ten Ren Tea was founded in 1953 in Gongshang of Kaohsiung City. The former name of Ten Ren was Ming-Fong Tea Co. Ltd. In 1961 Tainan opened its first Ten Ren tea retail shop. The company re-organized itself as Ten Ren Tea Co. Ltd. in 1975. As of JUL of 2005, there are 125 stores under the ownership of the company. In addition, Ten Ren Tea, the Ten Ren Tea Culture Foundation and the Lu Yu Tea Art Center all assist in the continue existence and innovation of the Chinese tea art culture.
    • Vigor Kobo
      Vigor Kobo, founded in 1992, has the mission of “making every effort to pass on China’s fine cake culture”. Our professional baking technology R&D personnel has a spirit of innovation and is committed to developing fine cakes with a traditional flavor and creating a new style that is in tune with modern healthy eating concepts. We give our customers top-quality products that taste wonderful.
    • National Cultural and Creative Gift Center
      (Chinese Version Only)
    • BaiWin Antiques
      (Chinese version only) BaiWin Antiques has been importing the arts of Asia since 1973. Chinese antiques of the Han, Ming and Ch'ing: Furniture (both Antiques and Reproductions), Ceramics and Pottery, Bronzes, Carvings, Baskets, Boxes and other Collectibles. A full array of authentic Asian antiques ranging from furniture to boxes, baskets, porcelain, ceramics, pottery, doors, textiles, rugs, embroideries, carvings of all sizes and exquisite accesories and collectibles.