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Danongdafu Forest Park

Hualien CountyAccessible Travel
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  • Danongdafu Forest Park
  • Entrance, Danongdafu Forest Park
  • Installation Art
  • Forest Bazaar
  • Wooden Path


No. 31, Nongchang Rd., Guangfu Township, Hualien County
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Accessible Toilets:4

Accessible Parking:8

Wheelchair Rentals:2


Danongdafu is Taiwan's first flat-land forest park. Blessed with a diverse natural ecology, it is suitable for watching flowers in the spring, fireflies and birds in the summer, and maples in the autumn and the winter. Throughout a year, it is charming in its way. The park is equipped with north and south circular bicycle paths, allowing visitors to immerse in phytoncide while appreciating ring-necked pheasants strolling to find food, if lucky. It is simply enjoyable to listen to bugs sing and birds chirp on a bike, in a lush green forest.

Surrounded by Central and Coastal Mountain Ridges, the park boasts spacious views. It is famous for the colorful sea of flowers in front of its visitor center in the spring, and the creative installation art on its vast prairie are always eye-catching. In March and April, fireflies can be spotted amid the grass at night. There can be so many fireflies that they look like a moving milky way - it is impossible not to watch them the whole night. Join a guided tour to learn about nature here deeply.

In the autumn and the winter, the south circular bicycle path draws visitors with woodland elaeocarpus, Formosan sweet gum, paper bark, etc. on its sides. As their leaves turn from green, yellow to red, people swarm in to take pictures. It is a unique, romantic experience to ride a bike on this path, listen to the ruffling sounds of maples, and watch the beautiful maple trees.

Open Hours

Outdoor 24hr
Information Center 08:00-17:00, closed on Chinese Eve and Monday (besides summer and winter vacation)

Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Nat'l Hwy 5 → Exit at the Su'ao Interchange → Prov. Hwy 9


Take TRA to Hualien Station, transfer Hualien Route 303 to Masadi Forest stop.
※The route only extends to the Masadi Forest stop from April through August.

Accessible Transportation

Take TRA to Hualien Station, transfer Hualien Route 303 (Low) to Masadi Forest stop.

Travel Information

Convenient GuidanceConvenient Guidance

  • Accessible Restroom - interior

    Accessible Restroom - interior

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