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Erlin Township

Changhua CountyScenic Spots
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  • Kapok Road (photo courtesy: Hsu Chan-chia)
  • Floss-silk Tree Hiking Trail (photo courtesy: Hsu Chan-chia)
  • Buckwheat flowers (photo courtesy: Hsu Chan-chia)
  • Old Erlin River Bikeway (photo courtesy: Yang chen-chang)
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Erlin Township, Changhua County


Erlin is an important farming town in Changhua. In recent years, some rice farmers have been growing fruits instead, such as grapes and dragon fruits. "Jin Xiang" grapes are mostly used to brew wine, making Erlin the most densely populated winery town in Taiwan. Just for instance, the spacious Taiwan Winery boasts an impressive collection of wine. There is a wine-tasting area, a vast open meadow where holiday music performances are held, and a grape plantation where guided ecological tours take place. There is even a buckwheat field which turns into a white sea of flowers every December. Today, the winery is known for these three treasures: grapes (wine), buckwheat (buckwheat noodles), and red job's tears.

Other than farm produce, Erlin is popular for flowers. In March and April, kapok flowers are in full bloom along Dongluo River. From September to November, floss-silk trees take over the "flower show" on Rulin Road. In December, as aforementioned, snow-white buckwheat flowers cover the town. Many love visiting Erlin for the beautiful flowers.

What's more, there is Renhe Temple, a government-certified heritage site and the town's oldest temple. Other historic buildings include Erlin Elementary School Stadium and Wude Temple. Visitors can expect to find some "food for souls" here.

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