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2018 Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival

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The “Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival” is a magnificent yearly event that goes from December to March of the following year taking place in the Maolin National Scenic Area. During this period millions of migrating Euploea butterflies (purple in color) cross the ocean and arrive here to winter over. The Maolin National Scenic Area is proud of that fact that it is has one of the only two winter migratory butterfly gorges in the world. The purple Euploea is a rare wintering butterfly. Each winter millions of these butterflies gather together for the flight to the Dawushan Foothills to avoid the cold and to winter in the gorges, there presenting a spectacular ecological sight—the “Purple Butterfly Valley.” Tourists from every corner of the world travel every year to Maolin to experience firsthand this magnificent, world-class scene of beautiful purple butterflies dancing in the air, and everyone comes away full of praise and admiration. On an early winter morning as the first rays of the sun shine down on Maolin’s Purple Butterfly Valley, we come upon the purple Euploea that, awakened from their slumber, begin fervently to chase the sunrays, peeking through the treetops and the forest. From time to time, a butterfly will stop to display his garment of magical color then soar high and low as he shuttles around the valley. Not only does he provide a superb eco-touristic spot for those watching, but he also brings a small bit of warmth to a winter’s day. You are invited and welcome to take advantage of this once-a-year, rare opportunity to appreciate these migrating butterflies and come to Maolin to experience the magnificent dance of the purple Euploea. With everyone’s care and concern, the future will bring an endless cycle of this extraordinary sight!

Travel Information

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2018 Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival Links
Maolin National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC
Travel Information:
【By Car】
Route 1:Nanzi Interchange, National Highway 1 – Provincial Highway 22 to Gaoshu (eastbound) – Provincial Highway 27, passing by Dajin Bridge – Maolin

Route 2: National Highway 3 – Jiouru Interchange, Pingtung – Provincial Highway 3 – Ligang – Provincial Highway 22 – Gaoshu – Provincial Highway 27 – Maolin

Route 3: National Highway 1 – National Highway 10 – Provincial Highway 28 – Qishan – Provincial Highway 27 A – Liuqui – Provincial Highway 27 – Maolin

Route 4:Route 4: National Highway 1 – Tainan System Interchange – National Highway 8 – Xinhua System Interchange – Provincial Highway 20 – Yujing – iaxian – Laonong – Provincial Highway 27 A – Liugui – Provincial Highway 27 – Maolin
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