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2019 Sanyi International Woodcarving Art Festival

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  • Sanyi International Woodcarving Art Festival
  • Tea Culture Experience
  • Sanyi International Woodcarving Art Festival
  • Sanyi International Woodcarving Art Festival
  • Sanyi International Woodcarving Art Festival
  • Opening and Award Ceremony
  • Tea Culture Experience
  • Feast of delicacies in Hakka villages
  • Wood Art Experience
Miaoli County Government
2019 Sanyi International Woodcarving Art Festival_Links
No.88, Guangsheng Shincheng, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County

Sanyi Township is located in southern Miaoli, neighboring Da’an River and Houli (Taichung). To the northeast is Sanjiaoshan (567 m) and Xinlong and Xinglong, two villages in Tongluo Township. To the east, Guandao Range forms a natural boundary next to Dahu and Zhuolan. To the west are Huoyan Range, Yuanli, and Tongxiao, and to the north is Tongluo Township. Situated between Taiwan’s northern and southern climate zones, Sanyi experiences a variety of different weather, especially in the spring and winter; people feel as if it’s always summer until the first rains bring autumn. From November to March, the area is covered in clouds and fog, turning Sanyi into a wonderland and granting it the title “Taiwan’s Mist Capitol.” The area produces an abundance of camphor trees, popular for their fragrant wood. In 1918, Wu Jinbao and his son strarted creating camphorwood sculptures, developing their art and passing it along to local residents.

Today, the wood sculptures street is home to a number of flourishing shops. After 2001, Sanyi Township began organizing International Woodcarving Art Festival, featuring local qualities, a variety of activities, and a fun, artistic atmosphere. The “static” exhibition shows off the beauty of wood sculptures, and the “moving” performances give visitors a chance to absorb the rich culture. DIY activities include wood games a variety of interesting things to challenge your mind.

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