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2019 NPM Asian Art Festival

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National Palace Museum
2019 NPM Asian Art Festival_Links
No. 888, Gugong Blvd., Taibao City, Chiayi County

Every October at the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, we admire beautiful works of art from Asia, listen closely to its beating heart, create the connections between Asian cultures, taste each vibrant flavor, and roam through the worlds of Asia. In cooperation with the National Palace Museum’s art festival and themed exhibitions, the Southern Branch hosts an Asia-centered event every year. Engage all your five senses throughout the Museum and th ecological landscape of the park area, which offer a blend of art, culture, history, recreation, and learning. Visitors from everywhere, of all ages, are welcome to experience the diversity and charms of Asian cultures in this unique exhibition. 

Last update time: 2019-09-24


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