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Asian Bird Watching Fair

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  • Asian Bird Watching Fair
  • Asian Bird Watching Fair
  • Black-faced Spoonbil
  • Asian Bird Watching Fair
  • High-Heel Wedding Church and our song
  • High-Heel Wedding Church Light Show
  • High-Heel Wedding Church
  • Asian Bird Watching Fair
  • Asian Bird Watching Fair
  • Asian Bird Watching Fair
Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration
Asian Bird Watching Fair_Links
No. 6, Haixing St., Budai Township, Chiayi County

In recent years, “bird watching” has become a fast-growing hobby and social activity. As the number of bird watchers increases, so have related organizations and events. To promote bird watching and travel in Asia, the Asian Bird Fair visits a different country every year, offering exhibitions, interactive events, seminars, and other activities. It’s a great platform for exchanges between bird watchers of Asia and ecotourism agencies, and also introduces more people to the hobby and to nature conservation. The Asian Bird Fair will be the largest bird watching exchange in Asia, attracting many hobbyists and encouraging travel agencies to plan tours centered on the  “bird watching” activity. 

Last update time: 2019-08-19


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