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2019 Christmasland in New Taipei City

Nov. 2019 - Jan. 2020
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Christmasland is a “realm of merry Christmas” in the urban setting of Xinban Special District, asprawling playground intended for people of all ages, and also an effort toenhance New Taipei City’s global profile. By connecting attractions throughoutthe neighborhood (The Lin Family Mansion & Garden, 435 Art Zone, HuangshiMarket, Fuzhong Shopping District, Nanya Night Market, etc.) to Xinban SpecialDistrict’s emerging shopping facilities, Christmasland bolsters tourism in bothNew Taipei City and Northern Taiwan as it transforms the entire Banqiao area intoa spectacular winter getaway destination complete with culinary, entertainment,and shopping amenities.   To mark the period betweenChristmas and Chinese New Year, the most festive time of the year in Taiwan,Christmasland incorporates elaboratevenue and event planning efforts to touch visitors’ hearts with a sense of joy.It is a gorgeously illuminated, happiness-evokingenclave that creates a fairy tale-like experience out of the country’s tallestChristmas trees, fun-packed rides, and a series of regular events from countyfairs, large concerts, and markets selling handmade goods to carnival parades.Designed with all demographic groups in mind, Christmasland is a trueembodiment of the gleeful, festive atmosphere.