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Lukang Dragon Boat Festival

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  • Dragon Boat Race Field
  • A night-time dragon boat contest in Lukang
  • Lukang Dragon Boat Festival
  • FuLu Stream
  • beautiful LED lights
  • A night-time dragon boat contest
  • dragon boat contest
2020 Time is undecided
Changhua County Government
FuLu Stream

“Lukang Dragon Boat Festival” originated as a folklore activity in 1978. Continuing to this day, it markets the historic monuments, humanistic scenes, handicraft, culture, gourmet food and more in Lukang. Held in an expanded and extended scale, the “Lukang Dragon Boat Festival” has become an important program from 2006 during the festival in Taiwan and listed as one of the “12 Major Festivals in Taiwan.” In addition, it was also introduced in the “Sightseeing Calendar of Taiwan” by the Bureau of Tourism, becoming one of the most important sightseeing events, after receiving the awards of “The Township of Smile,” “Top 10 Sightseeing Towns in Taiwan,” and the sponsoring of “2012 Taiwan Lantern Festivals.

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