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Yunlin International Puppets Arts Festival

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  • Yunlin International Puppets Arts Festival
  • JAPAN - Utervision Company Japan
  • KOREA - Kkachidong Theatre Company
  • Opening Ceremony
  • A-Zhong Glove Puppet
  • Zhen Yun Lin Ge Puppet Theater Troupe
  • Yunlin International Puppets Arts Festival
  • Yunlin International Puppets Arts Festival
  • Yunlin International Puppets Arts Festival
  • Yunlin International Puppets Arts Festival
Oct. 2020
Yunlin County Government
Humanities Park

Shadow puppetry, glove puppetry, and marionette were introduced to Taiwan, blended with local customs and beliefs, and had developed into a unique art form of puppetry since, becoming three treasures of Taiwan. As time goes by, regardless of a vivid performance in the hands of the masters, an incidental music of live musicians’ pragmatic responses, or an audience of different generation, or even the purpose of performance switched from offering thanks to the gods to entertaining people, the significance of puppetry arts has been gradually changing. Yunlin International Puppet Arts Festival was founded in 1999, and Yunlin becomes puppets’ hometown in Taiwan, creating a variety of performing schools. To establish the International Puppet Arts Festival is to realize Yunlin as a cultural county, to carry forward the traditions of fine art, and to promote international cultural exchanges. The festival activities include inviting international puppet teams to perform, and sponsoring the Golden Palm Award to encourage skill contests and competitive performances of classic and innovative plays. In addition, it combines with exhibitions of arts, cultural and creative works, and installation art of agricultural product puppets, and promoting, encouraging, teaching and experiencing glove puppetry to enable sustainable development and to pass on the heritage of glove puppetry culture.

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