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Tibetan Culture & Art Festival

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  • Tibetan Buddhist Music Performance - Ani Choying Drolma and U-Theatre
  • Tibetan Buddhist Music Performance
  • Tibetan Buddhist Music Performance - U-Theatre and Iki Tadaw
  • Tibet At a Glance:Special Exhibition of Tibetan Miniatures
  • 2019 Tibetan Culture & Art Festival
  • Academic Seminar on Tibetan Buddhism in Taiwan
  • Tibetan Buddhist Music Performance by Ani Choying Dolma and U-Theatre
  • Tibet At a Glance:Special Exhibition of Tibetan Miniatures

As Taiwan plays a vital role in the global ICT industry, it has been regarded as “a high-tech island” in the world. Besides, with the help of numerous Tibetan Buddhist followers and locals enthusiastic about Tibetan culture, the Tibetan religion, art, and culture have been developed and thrived on this island, thus creating an enormous religious power which not only purifies people’s minds, but engages in a positive conversation on self-reflection and self-improvement with modern civilization in pursuit of technological innovation.

Last update time: 2020-01-10


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