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2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival

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  • Main Lantern - Guardian of the Forest - Tree of Light  Year:2020  Source:Taiwan Tourism Bureau
  • Traditional Side Lantern - A Hundred Singing Birds  Year:2020  Source:Taiwan Tourism Bureau
  • The Sound of Blooming - Heart of Everlasting Light  Year:2020  Source:Taiwan Tourism Bureau
  • Corridor of Light - A Magical Journey  Year:2020  Source:Taiwan Tourism Bureau
  • High-tech-sector Lanterns  Year:2020  Source:Taiwan Tourism Bureau
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Taiwan Tourism Bureau; Taichung City Government
2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival_Links
Houli Forest Expo SiteHouli Horse RanchWen-Hsin Forest Park

In its 31st year, the Taiwan Lantern Festival has become a trademark tourist event in Taiwan. The festival shows the cultures of the cities and counties in Taiwan where it is held, while boosting growth in the tourism industry and introducing lantern traditions to the world.

Having hosted the festival in 2003 and 2015, this is the third time Taichung is hosting the festival. Taking "Splendid Taichung under rays of the rising sun" as a theme, the Taichung City Government will hold the festival in Houli Forest Park, a "fantastical forest land." It not only hopes that traditional lantern art can make the forest look anew, but that the lights of the lanterns can light up Taiwan like rays of the rising sun. In fact, "rays of the rising Sun" is pronounced as "Shu Guang," and in Mandarin, mice are pronounced as "Shu." To welcome the Year of the Mouse on the Chinese zodiac calendar, the rays of the rising sun / or mice indicates the government's high hope for a better future. The lantern festival will show Taichung's five policy focuses - ecological conservation, creative lifestyle, cultural assets, economy and industry, and diversity and inclusion. All members of the public are encouraged to explore the unique and beautiful city through this festive event.


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