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Dapeng Bay Yacht & Regatta Festival

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  • Victoria 76 - a luxurious yacht for professional diving and overnight stays.
  • Main Stage Performance
  • Dapeng Bay SUP Contest
  • Dapeng Bay SUP Contest
  • creative eco-boat design contests
  • eco-boat designed by Dung Lung Elementary School
  • eco-boat designed by Wutang Elementary School
  • Sailing Experience
  • Windsurfing Contest
  • Optimist Contest
  • Leisure Canoeing Contest
Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Administration
Dapeng Bay Yacht & Regatta Festival_Links
Dapeng Bay Coastal Park (Sailboat Club)

Held in April annually, the Dapeng Bay Yacht & Regatta Festival includes yacht experiences and sailing, canoeing, water motorcycle, SUP, and creative eco-boat design contests. Related products and local specialties are sold alongside the festival. Many other water experiences can also be enjoyed.

Last update time: 2020-02-14


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