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2021 Taiwan International Festival of Arts

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  • Opening Outdoor Party《Bando》  Year:2019  Author:LI,WEN-YANG  Source:Ministry of Culture
  • HORSE Su Wei-Chia《FreeSteps - NiNi》  Year:2019  Author:ZHOU,JIA-HUI  Source:Ministry of Culture
  • Very Theatre《Chronicle of Light Year: Taipei-Copenhagen》  Year:2016  Author:Carl Emil Carlsen  Source:Ministry of Culture
  • ChiChiao Musical Theatre x Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company《Existential Feelings》  Year:2019  Author:YAN,HAN-ZHENG; LIN,SHANG-YU  Source:Ministry of Culture
  • Yunshuyachi Ensemble《Re-Make in Asia》  Year:2019  Source:Ministry of Culture
  • Ensemble KNM Berlin《Stereoscope》  Year:2019  Source:Ministry of Culture
  • Baboo × Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group《Mythology Upon the Table》  Year:2019  Author:CHEN,YI-TANG  Source:National Performing Arts Center
  • Huang Yi Studio +《A Million Miles Away》  Year:2019  Author:LIU,ZHEN-XIANG  Source:National Performing Arts Center
  • Vincent Dupont《Stéréoscopia》  Year:2018  Author:La-Feng  Source:National Performing Arts Center
  • Hiroaki Umeda's Somatic Field Project 《contour》  Year:2018  Source:National Performing Arts Center
  • Puppet and Its Double《The Nightingale》  Year:2017  Author:La-Feng  Source:National Performing Arts Center

Taiwan International Festival of Arts is Taiwan's most important art event and Asia's brightest arts and cultural feast. Every year, it draws nearly 70,000 fans to watch performances together. The stage here is in sync with the rest of the globe's, and the audience can feel world's trends right here in Taiwan. The country's high-potential artists gather up at national theatres to show Taiwan's powerful, creative energy.


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