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2021 Baosheng Cultural Festival

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  • Performance  Year:2018  Author:CHEN,ZI-QING  Source:Taipei Baoan Temple
  • Baosheng Cultural Festival  Year:2018  Author:XIAO,QING-LIANG  Source:Taipei Baoan Temple
  • Baosheng Cultural Festival  Year:2018  Author:LI,SHENG-ZHANG  Source:Taipei Baoan Temple
  • Fire Lion Fireworks Show  Year:2018  Author:WANG,GUO-LIANG  Source:Taipei Baoan Temple
  • Baosheng Cultural Festival  Year:2018  Author:SU WANG,FANG-MAN  Source:Taipei Baoan Temple
  • Fireworks  Year:2018  Author:LIAO,FU-LIN  Source:Taipei Baoan Temple
  • Human Pyramid  Year:2017  Author:LI,SHENG-ZHANG  Source:Taipei Baoan Temple
  • Folklore Performances  Year:2017  Author:YU,GUO-HUI  Source:Taipei Baoan Temple
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Taipei Baoan Temple
2021 Baosheng Cultural Festival_Links
No. 61, Hami St., Datong Dist., Taipei City

The Dalongdong area, which was formed around two centuries ago, is one of a few well-preserved historic neighborhoods in Taipei City known for its numerous quaint dwellings and religious structures surrounding Bao'an Temple. The Dalongdong Bao'an Temple is by far the most popular among Taiwan's 300-odd temples dedicated to Baosheng Emperor, according to folklorist Lin Heng-dao. Striving to fulfill its commitment of keeping a grassroots religion alive, creating an old-meets-new vision and a cycle of "new culture", and innovating on the basis of tradition, the palatial Dalongdong Bao'an Temple, along with its ornate decorations and spatial layout, represents unconventional thinking and methods regarding three-dimensional aesthetics that earned it international accolades such as the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation in 2003.The Temple is famous for hosting the annual Baosheng Cultural Festival, a symbol of Taiwan's folk religious celebrations, architectural legacies and heritage revitalization efforts, and has attracted locals and visitors alike for two decades. Running from April through June, the festival has not only enlightened an ever-growing participant base about different facets of the country's religious aesthetics and changes in relevant rituals, but has also, despite its orthodox view of Formosan spirituality, become a culturally influential, globally significant tourist attraction that inspired similar festivities across China and Singapore.


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