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2021 Taipei International Book Exhibition

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  • German Stories  Year:2019  Source:Ministry of Culture
  • An aerial view of the site  Year:2019  Source:Ministry of Culture
  • A Jam Hsiao forum  Year:2019  Source:Ministry of Culture
  • Taipei International Book Exhibition  Year:2016
  • Exhibition of Eileen's Style  Year:2016
  • Exhibition of Eileen's Style - Yi-Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe  Year:2016
  • Exhibition of Eileen's Style  - postcard wall  Year:2016
  • Exhibition intro by Curator Chang Man-chuan  Year:2016
  • Entrance  Year:2016
  • Joint Exhibition of National University Presses  Year:2016
  • Pavilion of Book Prize Winners  Year:2016
  • Music performance by Hungarian artists  Year:2016
  • Themed talks  Year:2016
  • People gather at a Pai Hsien-yung forum  Year:2016
  • Andrzej Sapkowski

Each year, Taipei International Book Exhibition leads people to explore the realm of books through a few different themes. One country would serve as the highlight of the year, and many publishers from around the world would take part. This enhances cultural exchange at the exhibition. Starting in 2017, the Ministry of Culture extended the exhibition period and adjusted the exhibition's atmosphere. It highlighted the publishers' expertise, lowered venue rental fees, and fostered interaction between writers and readers. The exhibition is not just a place for buying books, but an ideal space for exchange of knowledge and cultures.


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