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2021 Taiwan Open of Surfing

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  • Taiwan Open of Surfing  Year:2019  Author:Tim Hain  Source:Taitung County Government
  • Opening Performance  Year:2019  Source:Taitung County Government
  • Surfing Amusement  Year:2019  Source:Taitung County Government
  • Woman’s World Junior Championships - Amuro Tsuzuki  Year:2019  Source:Taitung County Government
  • Women’s Longboard Championships - Honolua Blomfield  Year:2019  Source:Taitung County Government
  • Man’s World Junior Championships - Justin Becret(France)  Year:2018  Source:Taitung County Government
  • Women’s Longboard Championships - Lindsay Steinriede(USA)  Year:2018  Author:WSL Jack Barripp  Source:Taitung County Government
  • Beautiful Scenery  Year:2018  Author:WSL Jack Barripp  Source:Taitung County Government
  • Women’s Longboard Championships - Soleil Errico(USA)  Year:2018  Author:WSL Jack Barripp  Source:Taitung County Government
  • Guidance of land surfing teaching  Year:2018  Source:Taitung County Government
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Taitung County Government; World Surf League
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"Sports Tourism" has long been considered the world's fastest-growing market in the tourism industry. Through active participation in sports, or engaging in leisure or watching sport activities, or visiting famous attractions, among others, the fashionable field is developed to create combination results of sport and tourism, which brings economic benefits of sport-related tourism that major cities and countries are prompting and organizing sporting events to attract the global tourist crowds.

Taitung is a unique place in terms of "waves,"regardless of size or shape, which could be said to be blessed, and furthermore, the northeast monsoon blowing autumn and winter contributes to the wave potentials in Donghe and Jinzun area, and therefore Taitung is certified as the latest international surfing competition venues in Asia by the Asian Surfing Championship (ASC), becoming one of the latest and the best surfing venues following Malaysia, Bali, Thailand, and the only venue for international surfing tournaments in Taiwan, which provides an opportunity for the international players to further understanding of the beautiful east coast of Taiwan.

Taiwan Open of Surfing, in addition to integrating with the ASC, is putting efforts toward joining The Associations of Surfing Professional, ASP, a world-renowned surfing organization, to drive the domestic surfers to work together to demonstrate its ability to connect with the international sport tourism. And, the Surfing is also active in offering public education, training local talents in the emerging industry, surfing performances, surfing experience, Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUP), long board walking, kite surfing, and other peripheral activities to promote the tourism theme of winter sports to attract the participation of the public.


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