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2022 Tibetan Culture & Art Festival

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  • Tibetan Culture & Art Festival  Year:2021  Source:Ministry of Culture
  • Tibetan Kora  Year:2021  Source:Ministry of Culture
  • U-Theatre  Year:2021  Source:Ministry of Culture
  • U-Theatre Performance  Year:2021  Source:Ministry of Culture
  • Tibetan Culture  Year:2021  Source:Ministry of Culture
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8/26-8/28, 11/4-11/5
Ministry of Culture
The location for this activity in 2022 has not been decided.

Taiwan is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country, and every year the Ministry of Culture organizes a "Tibetan Culture and Art Festival." The festival is the result of many sectors, including public-private partnerships, academia, art & cultural entities, and the general public. Participants have exercised creative approaches to celebrating the festival, and have created an international platform for cultural exchange and understanding.


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