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2022 The Hakka Tung Blossom Festival

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  • Fenghuang Mountain Trail  Year:2020  Source:Hakka Affairs Council
  • Sankeng Biking Trail  Year:2020  Source:Hakka Affairs Council
  • Chuguan Trail (Raknus Selu Trail)  Year:2020  Source:Hakka Affairs Council
  • Artwork - Snow in Summer  Year:2020  Source:Hakka Affairs Council
  • Hakka Musical - The most beautiful blossom  Year:2020  Source:Hakka Affairs Council
  • Hsinchu Hakka Dance Theater Performance  Year:2021  Source:Hsinchu County Government
  • Light show and music concert at Dong'an Bridge  Year:2019  Source:Hsinchu County Government
  • Tung Blossom  Source:Hsinchu County Government
  • Tung Blossom Trail  Source:Hsinchu County Government
  • Renhe Trail  Source:Hsinchu County Government
  • Butterfly love Tung Blossom  Year:2010  Source:Hakka Affairs Council
  • Hakka Tung Blossom  Year:2011  Source:Hakka Affairs Council
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April to May
Hakka Affairs Council
Dongshikeng Industrial Road, NuannuanThe Maxi Tung Blossom Trail of Fumin Water ParkWanfu Ecological Park / Arouli Tung Blossom TrailShangtian Tsukengkou Trail / Sijiaoting Artillery BatteryErbazi Botanical Garden - Family trailChengtian Buddhist TempleTung Blossom Trail of the Tung Blossom ParkSanzhi District, New Taipei City (Sansheng Hiking Trail)Wufengqi Scenic AreaRenshan Botanic GardenTaoyuan Hakka Cultural MuseumSankeng Biking TrailXiaocukeng Historic TrailShi-men Hot SpringSankeng Old StreetDa Niou Qi Historic TrailLongtan Shengji PavilionDongsen Tung Blossom Forest Hiking TrailDajiaoqiong Historic TrailZhaiming Temple Historic TrailShiyizhi Old TrailShibajian Mountain; the Tung Blossom Trail of Gaofeng Botanical GardenRenhe TrailJiuqionghu TrailsMawutu Discovery ForestDunan Ancient TrialShiguang Old TrailLuliaokeng Tung Blossom TrailsBaoshan ReservoirTung Blossom Trails in the Dashanbei Region: Chating Historic Trail and Qilong Historic TrailSanchapi Old Trail, NiuluqiXie Xin Tea HouseEmei Lakeside TrailsShiherliao Recreational Agriculture Area Shiherliao TrailBackyard Tung Blossom TrailLaochonggui TrailPenglai River Fish Protection TrailShishan Historic TrailMingfeng Historic TrailZhihu Historic TrailTiaoyan Historic TrailSijiaoping TrailJiantan Historic TrailShangrila ParadiseThe Wonderland Tung Blossom Trail of Touwu TownshipShuizhaixia Historic TrailDalukengChuguan TrailChuyun Historic TrailDawuo Ecological TrailSanjiaoshan & Shuangfengshan Tung Blossom TrailA bicycle trail in the skyTung Blossom LOHAS ParkTaiwan Hakka MuseumSky TrailSanyi Wood Sculpture MuseumSiyuexue (Snow in April) Tung Blossom TrailWest Lake ResortTiaosun Hitoric Trail (Tiaotan Historic Trail)Tiaochai Historic TrailXiaoxihu TrailLongteng BridgeZhongxinlong Hiking TrailFenghuang Mountain TrailDongfeng Green CorridorDongshi Forest FarmXiaozhongke TrailDongshi Hakka Cultural ParkYongfeng Village Tung Blossom Hiking Trail, Waipu DistrictFutian CommunityEast Circumferential Tung Blossom TrailBagua Ridgeline TrailTiaoshui Historic TrailQiluzi Hiking TrailAlice GardenNew Era Art Resort & SPAYizekeng Tung Blossom TrailYuchi Ecological Tung Blossom TrailHebao Mountain Hiking Trail, GukengYuanlinzi Tung Blossom TrailLongtian Tung Flower BoulevardWuling Green TunnelMeilunshan Park TrailSource of Water, FenglinXingquan section, Fuyuan Round-the-village Bicycle TrailWalami Hiking Trail

The inspiration of the Tung Blossom Festival comes from the Hakka people, who live a hardworking and simple life nurtured by wisdom that has come down from their original integration into the Taiwanese local culture.

The Tung Trees that cover the hills and fields were an important cash crop for the Hakka. They also brought many economic opportunities to the local economy. Tung trees were widely planted in the nearby mountains of the Hakka area. Tung seed can be used to extract tung tree oil, and its wood is a basic material in the production of consumer goods at that time, when the economy was much more local, the Tung tree wood's economic value was an important resource in helping many Hakka families make ends meet, and helped Hakka communities purchase food. That is the main reason that the Hakka have deep feelings and heartfelt gratitude towards the Tung tree, the mountains, and nature in general.

During The Tung Blossom Festival, in addition to inviting people to enjoy the flowers and tour around the Hakka village, the Council for Hakka Affairs has the honor of conducting a grand ceremony to worship the three Mountain Gods, the guardian spirits of the Hakka. The ceremony will not only offer thanksgiving and respect to the mountains and forests, but also bring encouragement to the Hakka decedents, extolling them to respect the law, to be solemn and the holy, to be devout in prayers, and to cherish the roots of their culture. Today, although people's livelihood no longer rely on the economic value of tung tree, the modern Tung Tree Festival has been a great economy success. The Tung Blossom Festival hosted by Hakka Affairs Council is not only a sacrifice to the guardian spirits on the behalf of the people, but also an offering to the people on the behalf of the flowers.

The Tung tree has very different stages in its appearance throughout the four Seasons. Around April or May the flowers will blossom, and are a beautiful snow white; in summer, green leaves sprout from the branches; in autumn all the leaves turn yellow and blow away with the wind; and during the winter tung tree looks withered and dead. The Hakka people's history has often mimicked these seasons. Several times the Hakka have been forced to migrate, and have faced extreme difficulty. However, they have always stuck to their traditional roots, and been innovative in their methods.


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