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2023 Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival

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  • Swimming Carnival  Year:2019  Source:Nantou County Government
  • Swimming Scenery  Year:2019  Source:Nantou County Government
  • Chaowu Pier  Year:2016  Source:Nantou County Government
  • Ita Thao Pier  Year:2010  Source:Nantou County Government
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Sep 24, 2023
Nantou County Government; Masters Swimming Taiwan; Puli Four-season Swimming Association
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Sun Moon Lake

Nantou is Taiwan's only inland county but is home to the famous, unrivalled Sun Moon Lake, the largest freshwater lake. Attracting visitors from abroad, it's an essential tourist destination, and in addition to scenic beauty, the unique landscape has made it an excellent place for biking, marathons, and an annual swimming competition, which is the area's biggest and longest-running event, starting in 1983. Every year around the Mid-Autumn Festival, swimmers from around Taiwan or abroad gather at Zhaowu Wharf to participate in this grand event. The course is 3000 meters long and in 2002 was officially included among the world's famous swimming competitions. Bringing thousands of swimming enthusiasts from Taiwan and abroad, it has become a grand event.

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