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Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area - Nanzhuang Visitor Center

Miaoli CountyScenic Spots

This majestic mountain was given the name Mt. Shitou or Lion's Head Mountain because of its northern part's resemblance to a lion's head.

It is 496 meters high and is part of the foothills of Mt. Luchang. Its abundant vegetation, old trees, and temples make Lion's Head Mountain an attractive and interesting travel destination. The oldest of these temples is Shryandong Yuanguang Temple built in 1894. It is a popular destination for worshippers who can also enjoy the mild winter and the cool summer weather of the region.

Ever since the late Ching Dynasty, the temples and caves of Lion's Head Mountain and Mt. Wuzhi have been so famous that they were listed among the 12 most enchanting scenes in Taiwan. This scenic area encompasses the townships of Beipu, Emei, and Zhudong in Hsinchu County and the townships of Sanwan and Nanzhuang in Miaoli County. Located between the Provincial Highway No. 3 road system and the Shei-Pa National Park system, this region covers an area of 24,221 hectares and is rich in natural (cold springs, forest and lakes) and ecological resources as well as notable cultural attractions, including temples and historical artifacts of the Hakka people and the indigenous tribes (the Atayal and Saisiyat tribes). Since its establishment in 2001, the Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area Administration has worked to develop a high-quality tourist region focusing on nativism, education, ecology, and sustainability. Some of the promotional events for tourism development to date include lifestyle and historical tours; exploration of the traditional culture of the Hakka people; discovery of the mysteries of the Saisiyat Tribes; Sacrifice to the Short Spirits; a river ecology tour; a tour of the natural habitats of insects; and a tour of mining and unique industries.

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(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Nat'l Hwy 1 → Exit at the Toufen Interchange → County Road 124


Take TRA to Zhunan Station, transfer Miaoli Bus 5805A to Nanzhuang Visitor Center stop.

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