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Flying Cow Ranch

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  • Flying Cow Ranch

The ample Bao'an woodlands inner Hulin Pan was locate in Nanhe neighborhood in Tongxiao with 110 hectares in 1980. Afterward the ample Bao'an woodlands were reclaimed to be Taiwan Youth Dairy Village which is now the predecessor of Flying Cow Ranch. In this topography, against Fire Hill, you can overlook Taiwan Strait from the ascent of the hill. And there is a historical denotation of Tiaoyan Historic Trail behind the mountain; the trail was established by cobbles. In 1985, Taiwan Youth Dairy Village has turned to be the leisure range type. Howbeit the process of turning types the ideals of the design was combining the advantage of the Japanese hacienda and the American view designing company. With ten years of layout time makes the vision today. The primary natural biome resources in the range are milk cows and butterflies. The sign of the flying Cow were designed according to these. Also with the colors of the sky, veldt, and the milk layout the peculiar sign of Flying Cow Ranch. In June the year of 1995 year, the range become dairy plant demonstrates area, and is opening to the outside world. Under the guidance of the council of agriculture, Flying Cow Ranch is developing to become Leisure range with the community type of hacienda providing the commonwealth a place with the natural country wild.

Because of raising cattle, Flying Cow Ranch has a great amount of manure resources. The range uses these excretions of the cattle to amend the soil, making it organic change for planting organic greenstuffs. In three-hectare organic garden area with the condition of no water and air pollutions, the range planting general family uses of greenstuffs, supplying the uses of the restaurant in the range. And the range is heading toward to develop organic farming. The professional management on raising cattle presents multiple sight view with educational and knowledgeable. In here, you can have the experience of dairy lives and understand the biome of the bovine. The demonstration of the cow house is also shown here, you can see the daily life of the milk cow and experience the cow galactic production line.

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(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Nat'l Hwy 3 → Exit at Tongxiao Interchange → County Hwy 128 → Prov. Hwy 1 → County Hwy 121


Take TRA to Tongxiao Station, transfer Miaoli Bus 5820 (bound for Dakengwei) to Qixia stop.

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