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Nantou County

Nantou County lies at the geographical heart of Taiwan and is the only county that does not border the coast. If the central region is the heartland of Taiwan, Nantou is Taiwan's heart: it is the only landlocked county on the island!

Nantou County occupies an area of about 4,100 square kilometers. It is home to Taiwan's highest peak, Yushan (Mt. Jade), and 41 other 3,000-plus-meter mountains that form an unbroken and undulating expanse of green. Taiwan's longest river, the Zhuoshui River, winds through the county, and the island's most beautiful lake, Sun Moon Lake, completes the county's scenic tapestry.

Nantou is heavily dependent on farming. Rustic areas and an abundance of agricultural products are therefore among the county's major visitor draws. There are dozens of well-planned recreational farm areas that are perfect for a quiet and leisurely family trip to the countryside.

Accommodation choices range from world-class resort hotels to rural B&Bs. Whether you choose to stay at an exotic villa at Qingjing Farm or an elegant room at Puli Tao-Mi Eco-Village, you are never far from nature's scenic embrace.

Visitors can discover the beauty of Nantou along the seven main travel routes in the county. Enjoy a spring excursion to the outskirts, a cool summer escape, the starry nights of fall, or a winter hot spring soak and fun in the snow. Whenever and wherever you arrive, Nantou is there to welcome you on a relaxing, fun, and eye-opening journey.

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