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East Coast National Scenic Area - Xibulan Visitor Center

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  • Xibulan Visitor Center
  • Xibulan Visitor Center - interior
  • Bookstore and Coffee shop
  • Xiuguluan River
  • Xibulan Visitor Center - extrior
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No. 8-1, Jingpu, Jingpu Vil., Fengbin Township, Hualien County
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The limestone bed of Xiuguluan River, after years of washing and eroding of the running river, forms various shapes of rock and is white like jade in color. The name "Xiugu goggling jade" is therefore given. The design of the Xibulan Visitor Center is based on this image, using pure-white, rock-texture paint on the exterior wall and aluminum grid sunshade to replace the traditional slanted roof: an eye-catching design to get visitors' attention. After redesigning and renovation, Xibulan Visitor Center reopened as "The New Pacific One." Jabez Creative Inc., who has been building a portfolio on the East Coast for many years, invited young Paiwan designer, Xie Shenghua, to create a wooden design with tribal elements. Not only providing the original visitor center functions, a bookstore and a coffee shop were added. Exquisite tribal crafts are on display for sale. Visitors can relax here, have a cup of coffee, browse books, or buy tribal crafts. Xibulan Visitor Center also launched activities such as market, book reading, and dinner pop-up program with the aim to continuously explore local stories, stimulate creativity, and serve as East Coast's hub to the world, conveying the new Pacific lifestyle of the East Coast tribes. This is not only a home for the tribe's working holiday volunteers, but also a good rest stop for tourists. If you happen to pass by, be sure to come in and experience the East Coast tribal atmosphere.

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(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Nat'l Hwy 5 → Exit at the Su'ao Interchange → Prov. Hwy 9 → Prov. Hwy 11


Take TRA to Yuli Station and transfer Yuchang Fengbin Line 309 (Be sure to reserve bus seats in advance) to Xibulan Visitor Center stop.


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Take TRA to Yuli Station and transfer Yuchang Fengbin Line 309 (Be sure to reserve bus seats in advance) (Please reserve low-floor buses in advance) to Xibulan Visitor Center stop.


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