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Qimei Island

Penghu CountyScenic Spots
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  • Starry Sky at Qimei Island
  • Twin Hearts Stone Weir
  • Little Taiwan
  • Watching for Husband Rock
  • The Tomb of the Seven Beauties
  • Qimei Lighthouse
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Qimei Township, Penghu County


Qimei is the southernmost island in the Penghu archipelago. There is a moving story behind the name of the island, which means Seven Beauties. According to the legend, seven maidens were doing their laundry beside a well long ago when they were attacked by Japanese pirates; unwilling to submit to insult at the hands of the scoundrels, they all killed themselves by leaping into the well. The local residents filled in the well and left it as a tomb, from which, later on, sprouted seven trees. It is still there: the Tomb of the Seven Beauties. In earlier times the island was known as Widow's Island, and there is a story behind this name too. Even today, on the shore below the Qimei Lighthouse, there is a stone formation known as Watching for Husband Rock. The stone is in the form of a reclining woman, who is said to have turned to stone there waiting for the return of her fisherman husband. There is a road all around the island, which makes travel convenient. Nanhu Fishing Harbor has more activity than any other place on Qimei, and its lighthouse is the southernmost one in the Penghu islands. In the vicinity of Yueli Harbor there is a Stone Lion formation which, along with much of the terrain here, is formed of columnar basalt left from the volcanoes that produced the islands.


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