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Northern Taiwan

Northern Taiwan, which includes Taipei, Taoyuan and Hsinchu, is the most densely populated part of the island. There are lots of golf courses here. With varied landscapes and beautiful scenery, most golf courses are built on gentle slopes. There are several seaside courses along the northern Taiwan coast. With attractive scenery, challenging courses, nearby scenic spots and convenient transportation, the north of the island is a good choice for your trip.

Most well-known international golf tournaments hosted in Taiwan are held in Taoyuan. Many golfers come here to experience the master-designed courses every year. However, if you prefer more mountainous courses, Hsinchu would be the right choice. Golfing in Hsinchu, you can enjoy driving the ball across spectacular mountain valleys.

Around Taipei City

Combining natural landscapes and urban vitality with beautiful scenery and culture

Located in a basin surrounded by mountains, Taipei is a vibrant modern city. Situated in northern Taipei, Yangmingshan National Park is the favorite recreational area of Taipei's citizens. The Park is famous for its volcanic and forested landscape. Located at the foot of the mountain, Beitou hot springs have been a popular scenic spot for over a century. Nearby golf courses boast beautiful scenery and spectacular views, making them the best choice for your golf tour. Northeast of the Taipei Basin, the town of Tamsui, on the estuary of Tamsui River, offers beautiful sunsets and local seafood dishes. Most golf courses around Tamsui are located on gentle slopes, so golfers can enjoy a pleasant view of the estuary while playing. North of Tamsui, the North Bay Golf & Country Club is situated on coastal cliff-tops. After playing, golfers can enjoy fresh seafood in the fishing port nearby.

  • North Bay Golf & Country Club

    North Bay Golf & Country Club

  • Taiwan Golf & Country Club

    Taiwan Golf & Country Club

North Bay Golf & Country Club

North Bay Golf & Country Club is located on the north coast and boasts gorgeous views. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery while playing golf. The golf course is situated on the cliff facing the ocean. The fairways are built along the natural terrain, which presents many challenges to the player. In addition, the wind from sea enhances the challenge.

Taiwan Golf & Country Club

Located on the estuary of the Tamsui River, Taiwan Golf & Country Club has been operating for over 90 years. It is the oldest golf course in Taiwan. It is very challenging to play golf here due to the strong wind that blows in from the sea and the estuary. In addition, there are lush bushes on the sides of the fairways, so precise control is necessary for good performance.

Pei Tou Kuo Hua Golf & Country Club

The club is conveniently located near the famous Peitou Hot Spring Area and has an undulating terrain and varied fairway design. Players can combine views of Yangmingshan, the Taipei Basin and the Tamsui River estuary with the experience of a pleasant stroll in the forest and fun golfing.

Golf Courses of Norther Taiwan

Linkou Tableland

Convenient transportation, various course selections: a Golf Paradise for sneaking a break from the daily workload

Situated to the west of Taipei City, Linkou Tableland was once an important base of industrial development. With a gentle terrain and a stable climate, the Tableland has the highest density of golf courses in Taiwan. Only a 30-minute drive from Taipei City and near Taoyuan International Airport, another advantage of Linkou is convenient transportation. The area therefore attracts many business travelers to have fun over 18 holes of golf. Most golf courses in Linkou are situated on undulating hills. The golf courses in the north of the tableland overlook the beautiful and broad ocean. There are several high-quality private golf clubs on the Tableland, which also serve as the social networking sites of political and business dignitaries.

  • The Orient Linkou Golf & Country Club

    The Orient Linkou Golf & Country Club

  • Tong Hwa Golf & Country Club

    Tong Hwa Golf & Country Club

Linkou International Golf & Country Club

Located on the Linkou Tableland, the course features broad and open fairways with high conifers on both sides. Playing golf here is a pleasurable experience. There are 27 holes on the course. With convenient transportation, the Linkou International Golf & Country Club has become a popular place for golfing in northern Taiwan. The fairways are not too challenging and are well-maintained.

The Orient Linkou Golf & Country Club

Located on the east of the Linkou Tableland, this course is listed among the top membership golf courses in Taiwan. The gorgeous design of the course gives it a unique style. With undulating fairways, speedy greens and steep slopes, the course offers many challenges. Being one of the most famous courses in northern Taiwan, it is well-maintained and always in good condition.

Tong Hwa Golf & Country Club

The famous Tong Hwa Golf & Country Club is located on a hillside near the sea. The club features varied fairways designed along the natural terrain. The 7th hole, par 4, was selected as one of the Top 500 holes in the world. Tong Hwa Golf & Country Club is a challenging championship-level course which has hosted many international golf tournaments.

Miramar Golf Country Club

Designed by Jack Nicklaus, Miramar Golf Country Club is a 36-hole luxury golf resort. There are 12 pools and 110 American-style bunkers, which bring lots of fun and challenges to the players. With varied green slopes, the speed of the greens is fast. The course is used for both recreational play and competitions.

Formosa First Country Club

Designed by legendary golf star Arnold Palmer, this course comprises two standard 18-hole courses on 100 hectares of land. The Arnold course is not that hard for players who just want to have fun golfing. The Palmer Course is equipped with various obstacles which present challenges to the player.

Yung Han Golf Club

The owner of this club is a fan of the Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland. Built along natural terrain, the 18-hole course is modeled on the pure Scottish links course. When the weather is stable, players may have an easy game here. However, when the wind starts blowing, the course becomes very challenging.

Golf Courses of Taoyuan Area


Numerous master-level golf courses suitable for both a vacation and a challenge

Densely populated Taoyuan is a major stronghold of cultural exchange in northern Taiwan. There are several internationally known courses here, such as Ta Shee Golf & Country Club and Sunrise Golf & Country Club. It is a suitable location for golfers to experience masterpiece and championship-level courses. Located to the south of Taoyuan, Shimen Reservoir is a major water source and tourist spot in northern Taiwan, with several resort-style golf courses nearby. Taoyuan is the ideal choice to enjoy lakeside scenery and gourmet cuisine.

  • Ta Shee Golf & Country Club

    Ta Shee Golf & Country Club

  • Sunrise Golf & Country Club

    Sunrise Golf & Country Club

Sunrise Golf & Country Club

Designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., Sunrise Golf & Country Club is a renowned world-class golf course with variable fairways and a challenging layout in Taoyuan. It has been identified as an international-standard competition course. The club house offers delicious food, accommodation and other leisure facilities. It is the right choice for a golfing vacation.

Ta Shee Golf & Country Club

Listed among Taiwan's best -known golf courses, Ta Shee Golf & Country Club has hosted many top golf tournaments, including the Johnnie Walker Classic and the BMW Asian Open. The golf course, which was designed by Robert T Jones Jr., has 27 holes with various features and challenges. The course is considered to be the benchmark golf course in Taiwan.

Tao Yuan Golf & Country Club

Near Shimen Reservoir, this is a golf resort with a 27-hole course and 61 suites. The club was designed by Lee Jin Xiong, a Taiwanese designer. Its most famous feature is the 760 yard, par 6, 1st hole in east course. This is the longest golf hole in Southeast Asia.

Golf Courses of Hsinchu Area


Stay among beautiful forest scenery, enjoy driving balls across valleys

Hsinchu is the high-tech center of Taiwan. The people here are full of vitality and vigor, working and playing hard. Hsinchu is also famous for its snacks, which include meatballs and rice-flour noodles. There are several distinctive golf courses in Hsinchu. Hsin Chu Golf Country Club, which features lush undulating fairways, is the home course of several professional players. With beautiful mountains and streams, Guanxi Township, located to the east of Hsinchu, is called "Longevity Village" because its residents have the longest life expectancy in Taiwan. There are four golf courses in Guanxi, and all of them lie among the beautiful mountains and forests. The course designers have devised rich and varied fairways to fit the terrain. The golf courses around Guanxi provide players with a retreat away from the turmoil of the world.

  • Tsai Hsing Golf Club

    Tsai Hsing Golf Club

  • Lily Golf & Country Club

    Lily Golf & Country Club

Suncity Golf & Country Club

Located in the mountains in the east of Hsinchu County, this course covers a large area. Each hole has been planted with different kinds of trees which lends each hole a different look. The Bali-style club house is made of wood. The course is well-equipped with leisure facilities, and also provides accommodation.

The Royal Kuan-Hsi Golf Club

Situated in the mountains of Hsinchu County, this course boasts rich landforms and a masterly design, which require some strategizing to negotiate. The slope of the greens is complex, Making good putting the key to a good score. With plenty of flowers on the course, it is colorful all year round.

Lily Golf & Country Club

This 18-hole course is located on a 100-hectare hillside. Players feel like they are strolling in the woods while playing on this course. Each hole has its own space, and is surrounded on both sides by lush forest. The undulating terrain enhances both the challenge and the fun of golfing.

Tsai Hsing Golf Club

Located on the border of Taoyuan City and Hsinchu County, this course is situated on a gentle slope with great views. Visitors can look over the Taiwan Straits when the weather is fine. The fairways feature easy balance and a pretty layout. The wide greens allow beginners to enjoy the fun of golfing.

Golf Courses of Hsinchu Area

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