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Factory Tour

With changing times and industrial structure, many local factories in Taiwan have, with assistance from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, transformed into protected manufacturing businesses and converted their facilities into "tourism factories."

Each tourism factory has a unique tourism theme and facility environments that have been improved with landscaping and other beautification. The factories offer tours introducing production processes, exhibitions of cultural relics, and DIY facilities. Through these and other services, tourism factories present a wealth of industrial knowledge and culture in an artistic ambiance, creating new tourist destinations for both learning and recreation.

Tourism factories are found throughout Taiwan and can be generally categorized into five types: 1) Art and Culture (balloons, body painting colors, glass ceramic art, musical instruments and handmade paper); 2) Daily Necessities (firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, tea, and other daily necessities); 3) Home Life (bedding, furniture, children's and maternity wear, bathroom equipment such as soap and towels, and building materials); 4, Wine and Fine Food (cake, biscuits, marinated foods, seafood, processed meat, chocolate, and fine wine); and 5) Health and Beauty (health food, enzymes, cosmetics, and personal care products). Each factory offers a refreshingly new tourism experience.

Factory Tour Website (Chinese version only)