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Romantic Taiwan

Blessed with stunning natural beauty, Taiwan has become a global trendsetter in the engagement and pre-wedding photography industry, attracting numerous international couples to capture their happiness and take their vows on this beautiful island. The lush scenery surrounding Sun Moon Lake is a favorite destination for foreign couples to have their wedding photographs taken in combination with a romantic holiday, the magnificent views adding to their feelings of bliss. Taiwan’s diversity offers a wealth of romantic options, from cosmopolitan cityscapes, to pristine mountain forests, the idyllic countryside or majestic coastal locations. Couples and their accompanying relatives who leave their footprints in these magical places, take home the sweetest memories that will last forever.

"Hand in hand, growing old together" – Taiwan's everlasting natural beauty and blessed circles of family and friends have born witness to countless couples exchanging their heartfelt vows. Step into this tradition; come to Taiwan with your other half for an unforgettable romantic engagement or pre-wedding photo journey.


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